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scientific PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 560 scientific PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

The Ethics of Communicating Scientific Risk

Scientific research is intimately bound up with risk. For one thing, scientific findings often reveal significant societal risks, such as risks of catastrophic climate change or dangerous disease outbreaks. Read more

'A Vernacular Scientific Imaginary?' The Origins and Impacts of Science Fiction Stories and Strips in British Comics in the First Half of the 20C

Aim. This project will explore the idea of a distinctively indigenous and responsive tradition of popular SF aimed at a younger readership before the widespread influence of imported US comics and pulp SF after WW II. Read more

Fully-funded PhD Positions in the Life Sciences/Molecular Biosciences

30 Fully-funded PhD Positions in the Life Sciences/Molecular Biosciences. Empowering Curious Researchers at the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program. Read more

Industrial PhD project: Design and build of novel scientific instrumentation

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is the primary technique employed to determine the chemical composition and chemical state of material surfaces, with an analysis depth of approximately 5 nm. Read more

Developing and Applying Semantic Representations of Scientific Knowledge

Applications are invited for a 3-year self-funded PhD Studentship. The depth, volume, and complexity of scientific knowledge is increasing beyond our abilities to meaningfully interpolate and analyse it with traditional methods. Read more

PhD candidate - Origin of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders in Childhood (f/m/x)

We are Helmholtz Munich. In a rapidly changing world, we discover breakthrough solutions for better health. Our research is focused within the areas of metabolic health/diabetes, environmental health, molecular targets and therapies, cell programming and repair, bioengineering, and computational health. Read more

Faculty of Pharmacy, Masaryk University

Discover the art of developing life-changing pharmaceuticals through our Medicinal Chemistry program. The aim of this programme is to prepare qualified experts who will work professionally in scientific activities in the field of development and analysis of drugs and its application to other scientific fields. Read more

The impact of mineral dust on Aircraft Engines in the Middle East

Mineral dust is considered an atmospheric contaminant in aviation, due to its ability to erode and degrade components of aircraft engines over time, and also engine sensitivity to dust chemical composition. Read more

Atmospheric Sedimentation of Non-Spherical Dust Particles: Developing knowledge for improvement of models

In-situ observations of dust show that super-coarse (diameter > 10 microns) and giant (diameter > 63 microns) are prevalent in dusty regions of the planet and have a significant impact on the climate through radiative, cloud microphysics and biogeochemical interactions. Read more

Probing Death Decisions from Morphogen Gradient Fields

Morphogen gradient scaling is one of the hottest fields in developmental biology at the moment. Scaling is fundamental, explaining how the machinery that controls pattern formation in development (the morphogens) can adapt, so that organs of different sizes show morphological structures which are proportioned. Read more

Centre For Genomic Regulation (CRG) – Barcelona

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) is an international biomedical research institute in Barcelona, a leading interdisciplinary centre at the forefront of life sciences. Read more

Biopolymer Approval Platform for Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging (SETU_2024_222)

Project Key Words. Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Characterisation, Drug Formulation. Post summary. The use of biopolymers in pharmaceutical primary packaging is an attractive alternative to petroleum based polymers, due to their biodegradability and reduced environmental impact. Read more

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