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  microRNAs as tools to regulate senescence of musculoskeletal cells during ageing
  Dr K Whysall, Prof P Clegg
Application Deadline: 22 November 2019
As the ageing population continues to increase, it is important to address ageing-related health issues. There is currently no effective treatments for many common musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, such as sarcopenia or osteoarthritis, which increase in prevalence during ageing.
  Nuclear pores, heterochromatin organisation and cellular senescence
  Research Group: MRC Human Genetics Unit
  Prof W Bickmore
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
This is one of several projects available on an MRC funded 4-year multi-disciplinary PhD programme in Human Genetics, Genomics and Disease at the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU), part of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh.
  Therapy-induced senescence and stemness in ovarian cancer
  Prof R. Pearson, Dr K Chan
Applications accepted all year round
Cellular senescence is a stress response characterized by a robust cell cycle arrest and is a brake for malignant transformation.
  Targeting senescence to ameliorate ageing and treat cancer and other diseases
  Dr S Macip
Applications accepted all year round
Ageing is a biological process that affects all living creatures. Despite the scientific advances of the past decades, the mechanisms that lead to ageing in humans are not fully understood.
  Functional assignment of Papain-like Cys proteases in plant development and immunity
  Prof R Van der Hoorn
Applications accepted all year round
The rapid and structured disassembly of plant proteomes during germination, senescence and defence are massive proteolytic events that underpin plant development and immunity.
  Cancer Research UK funded 4 year studentship: Targeting the 3q amplification
  Prof JR Morris, Prof H Mehanna
Application Deadline: 15 February 2019
Applications are invited for a non-clinical PhD studentship at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Birmingham Centre.
  The importance of the DNA damage response in neurodegeneration
  Dr R Tuxworth
Applications accepted all year round
DNA damage occurs in early-stage neurodegenerative diseases. The response of neurons to the damage may contribute to disease progression by inducing senescence, cell-cycle and apoptosis.
  Investigating the effect of telomere length on endothelial cell function
  Dr V Codd, Prof NJ Samani
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
Telomeres are protein bound DNA repeat structures at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes, Telomere length (TL) has been proposed as a marker of biological ageing and shorter TL associates with several age related diseases, including coronary artery disease (CAD).
  Environmental regulation of mRNA decay in adult stem cells
  Dr S Tew
Applications accepted all year round
How cells control the rate at which specific mRNAs are destroyed critically influences gene expression levels and cell function.
  Targeting ageing: Genes and compounds with pro-longevity, health-preserving effects
  Dr JP de Magalhaes
Applications accepted all year round
Ageing is arguably the major biomedical challenge of the 21st century. In model organisms, the process of ageing can be manipulated by both genetic manipulations and dietary interventions.
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