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  Data sketching in engineering sensor networks
  Dr N Polydorides
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
When analysing data at scale, accurate solutions become computationally cumbersome demanding substantial memory and processing power.
  Balancing security and privacy with data usefulness and efficiency in wireless sensor networks
  Dr N Zhang
Applications accepted all year round
A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) refers to a collection of low-power. wireless devices connected through radio communication facilities.
  Low-power electronic interface for environmental sensors
  Dr S Mitra
Applications accepted all year round
The deterioration of water quality, caused by climatic/seasonal changes, global-warming, or industrial waste etc. is a major global concern.
  Prestigious Strathclyde/NPL PhD Studentship: Expanding measurement limits of hybrid photonic voltage and current sensors
  Dr P Niewczas, Prof G Burt
Applications accepted all year round
The electricity transmission and distribution networks are undergoing a significant level of transformation because of the massive deployment of renewable energy sources, disrupting the conventional ways the networks are protected, controlled and maintained.
  Deep neural network for photographing in the dark (GONGH2U19SF)
  Dr H Gong, Prof G D Finlayson
Application Deadline: 31 May 2019
Have you ever struggled in taking a good photo in low light? Despite of the dramatic improvements in camera sensors, imaging in darkness is still challenging because in many conditions, there is simply too little light on the scene and the imaging sensors are sensitive to noise in these conditions.
  Electrostatic Array Sensor Correlation with Known Wear and Contact Distress Mechanisms
  Prof R J K Wood
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
This project is in the area of monitoring the performance of contacting surfaces within components of heavy machines using novel sensing systems (electrostatic sensor arrays ESA) and advanced machine learning techniques.
  Tapered microstructure fibre and its application for bio-chemical sensing (Advert Reference: SF18/MPEE/WU)
  Dr Q Wu
Applications accepted all year round
Currently there is an increasing demand of human health monitoring due to the development of the society. This requires monitor larger number of analytes and hence it is crucial to develop an efficient and cost effective detection method.
  Creating a Sensor Toolkit using Embroidered Electronics (Advert Reference: SF18/MPEE/DODD)
  Dr L Dodd, Prof D Wood
Applications accepted all year round
Embroidered electronic sensors have received a great deal of interest in recent years. Sensors are a mainstay of modern society but are often large, heavy and bulky.
  Solutions to Monitor and Assess Resilience in Transport (SMART) Infrastructure
  Dr M Lydon, Prof A Marshall
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
The research will focus specifically on the vulnerability of bridge structures within the road network. This will require a pioneering approach which integrates existing bridge management databases with comprehensive regional information, producing a Bridge Management Decision Support Tool (BMDST).
  Voltage-tuneable magnetoresistive sensors
  Dr G Williams, Dr S Granville
Applications accepted all year round
In this 3-year PhD project, we seek a student to develop a new magnetoresistive sensor with a dynamically-controllable sensing axis.
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