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We have 23 soft robotics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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soft robotics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 23 soft robotics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Advancements in Finite Element Modeling of Soft Robotics for Biomedical Applications

This research project presents an intriguing opportunity for individuals intrigued by the intersection of finite element modeling and soft robotics, particularly within the realm of biomedical applications. Read more

Machine Learning Model for Soft Robotic Gripper

Soft robotics are considered as a part of Robotics 2.0 which is related to the real-world environment with low predictability, low programmability, creativity, adaptation, and soft interaction. Read more

PhD Studentship in Soft Robotics

Applications are invited for a research studentship in the field of soft robotics, leading to the award of a PhD degree. The post is supported by a bursary and fees (at the UK student rate) provided by the Mechanical Engineering Department, and it is open to both home and overseas students. Read more

Aiding Aging Gracefully: Soft Robotics for Wearable Assistive Technologies

This project addresses an impending global challenge. the aging population, projected to reach 2.1 billion by 2050. As the world's senior and geriatric population grows, there is a pressing need for advanced wearable technology that can assist with daily activities, beyond merely promoting health and preventing disease. Read more

PhD in Soft Robotics

Soft robots are a relatively new form of robotic system that has seen a significant increase in interest in recent years. Unlike a traditional robot, soft robots do not consist of hard, heavy, and rigid material and instead are formed from lightweight flexible materials. Read more

PhD Project: 3D printing next-generation actuators for soft robots and devices - (ENG 1725)

Applications are invited for a PhD project within the Faculty of Engineering, in the Centre for Additive Manufacturing research group (CfAM, at the University of Nottingham. Read more

Bioinspired Nanomaterials Based Miniaturised Soft Robots for High Precision Regiospecific Drug Delivery to Malignant Tumours

Cancer is one of the top global public health challenges, estimated to have caused 10M deaths (2020) according to WHO. Throughout the years, standardised therapeutic protocols have been developed and evolved for the treatment of various types of cancers. Read more

Novel Proprioceptive Skins for Enhanced Human-Robot Interaction

  Research Group: Intelligent Systems and Robotics
The human skin is a marvel of biological engineering, equipped with an intricate network of billions of sensory receptors in the form of nerve cells. Read more

Advanced Computational Methodologies for Smart Multifunctional Composites

Smart multifunctional composites (MFCs) such as electroactive polymers, magnetoactive polymers, hydrogels, photosensitive polymers, liquid-crystal elastomers etc., are increasingly being used for various applications in soft robotics, precision drug delivery, tactile sensors and shape morphing. Read more

Development of an Automated System for Manipulating Soft Agricultural Materials

Industry 4.0 is transforming solutions in various industrial fields. The development and adoption of automated technologies using robotics and applications of Artificial Intelligence enhance the current manual procedures with higher accuracy and better repeatability. Read more

Robotics, Biomechatronics and Control

This project covers themes of bioinspiration for robotics and control but also include non-bioinspired areas that might focus on industrial or healthcare/medical applications. Read more

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