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We have 15 spacecraft PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Spacecraft Trajectory Optimisation

The University of Auckland is developing a research programme in low delta-v spacecraft trajectory optimisation. We are looking for a PhD candidate to continue work in this area and develop our existing algorithms. Read more

Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Spacecraft

The University of Auckland is conducting research into electric propulsion systems for small spacecraft. We are looking for a PhD candidate to research the miniaturisation of a high-Tc superconducting magnetoplasmadynamic drive and its subsystems. Read more

Motion Planning in Autonomous Robots

The project will focus primarily on Autonomous Robots. The general research theme involves theoretical and experimental study of Autonomous Vehicles with emphasis on advanced motion control for unmanned vehicles. Read more

Diamond coatings for antibacterial applications in Space

Applications are invited for a three-year Postgraduate studentship, supported by the Lloyds Registrar Foundation and Teer Coatings Ltd, to be undertaken within the School of Engineering at University of Leicester. Read more

Space Situational Awareness

Space debris is defined as all human-made objects including fragments that are non functional. Today, the global dimension of the problem is internationally recognised, and active control of the space debris environment has been deemed necessary to sustain safe space activities in the future. Read more

Fully funded PhD in Satellite Optical Communications and Payload Processing

Fully funded PhD in Satellite Optical Communications and Payload Processing. Title. A 3.5-year fully funded (home rate) PhD on “Integration of free space optical links with telecommunication satellite on-board processor” at UCL in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space. Read more

Space Weather Forecast

The term 'Space Weather' refers to the conditions of environment in the vicinity of the Earth and to processes that may initiate far away (for example at the Sun) but can affect the geospace environment. Read more

Jupiter Plasma Environment

It is currently accepted that majority of visible matter in the Universe is in the state of plasma. However, with our present level of technology only the plasma within the solar system can be subjected to in-situ measurements by spacecraft. Read more

Dynamical Processes in the Geo-space Plasma

The terrestrial magnetosphere is formed as a result of the interaction between the magnetic field of the Earth and the solar wind (quasineutral flow of electrons and ions from the Sun). Read more

Co-crystal Minerals on Titan: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Photochemistry.

Opportunities are available for international or New Zealand candidates to perform laboratory-based research in the Ennis Lab toward the characterization and chemistry of co-crystal minerals located on Saturn’s moon Titan. Read more

Mechanics of soft solids and structures under large deformation

Background. Solid materials that can undergo large deformations are ubiquitous in nature and are widely used to manufacture engineering components, devices and structures. Read more
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