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We have 23 statistical genetics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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statistical genetics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 23 statistical genetics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Noise and Evolution in Ageing Cellular Power Stations

PhD Project. Imperial College Mathematics. Student Background. Theoretical Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Computing (Biological knowledge not required). Read more

Using nutrigenetic, nutrigenomic and machine learning approaches to investigate the risk of cardiometabolic disease-related traits in ethnically diverse populations.

This PhD project represents an exciting opportunity to develop and conduct research at the forefront of nutritional and genetic epidemiology, contributing to the prediction, prevention, and better understanding of the development of non-communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes, using datasets from multiple ethnic groups. Read more

PhD Studentship in quantitative genetics of neurodevelopment

The student will have the opportunity to work on a project analysing data from large-scale longitudinal and developmental cohorts with a focus on infant and child phenotypes. Read more

Effects of Phenotypic Plasticity and/or Extreme Events on Ecological Dynamics

PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Effects of Phenotypic Plasticity and/or Extreme Events on Ecological Dynamics. The HartLab at the University of Queensland focuses on understanding why population sizes of plants and animals rise and fall. Read more
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PhD Position: Understanding the genetic basis of tumorigenesis

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) is an international biomedical research institute of excellence, based in Barcelona, Spain, with more than 400 scientists from 44 countries. Read more

Understanding the ecological and evolutionary effects of heatwaves in tropical species and ecological communities

Heatwaves are considered one of the most threatening processes for our plants and animal species as the Earth’s climate warms. There is much to understand about how our species and the ecological communities they form will change and adapt through heatwaves. Read more

Genetics: Investigating the functional effect of novel genes and genetic variants in malignant hyperthermia susceptibility using model systems

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is an inherited condition, where patients exposed to anaesthetic drugs are susceptible to a dramatic hyperthermic and hypermetabolic response that can contribute to a significant proportion of post-operative morbidity and deaths. Read more

Simulation-based inference for financial econometrics models

In modern statistical applications, many complicated models have two common features. First the likelihood functions are often difficult to evaluate; second the model is generative. Read more

Engineering plant microbiome PhD: Exploring and engineering the plant microbiome for increased resilience

Title. Exploring and engineering the plant microbiome for increased resilience. Project Description. Plants are impacted by numerous abiotic and biotic factors above and below ground, such as nutrient availability, local climatic conditions, and the surrounding fauna. Read more

Early life factors in the development of Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is an autoimmune inflammatory arthritis with disease onset before the age of 16. Children and young people with this condition develop painful swollen joints and untreated it can lead to long term disability. It may also be associated with comorbid conditions such as uveitis. Read more

Faculty of Science, Masaryk University

Embark on an enriching academic journey with our esteemed doctoral degree programs in various scientific fields. Read more

How do interactions in the microbiome shape the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens?

Antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria poses a fundamental threat to human health. It is estimated that antibiotic resistant infections are already directly responsible for at least one million deaths per annum and this number is predicted to rise dramatically by 2050. Read more

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