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  Understanding recrystallisation: atomistic simulations of defect-driven grain structure evolution
  Research Group: Metallurgy and Corrosion
  Dr C Race
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
At the cutting-edge of technological development, we are placing ever more exacting demands on the performance of metallic components and so we need an ever increasing degree of control over the properties of our metallic materials.
  Exploiting advanced methods for protein structure prediction
  Dr D J Rigden, Dr R Keegan
Applications accepted all year round
Protein structural information is crucial for an understanding of protein function and evolution. Currently, there is only experimental data for a tiny fraction of the protein universe.
  Multimerisation of ELAV/Hu proteins – a key mechanism ensuring specificity for RNA recognition in health and disease
  Dr M Soller, Dr T Knowles
Applications accepted all year round
Aims. Determine the structure of the ELAV dodecameric complex bound to target RNA by cryoEM and functionally probe interaction interfaces in vitro and in vivo in transgenic Drosophila models for neurodegeneration and cancer.
  Structure and Dynamics of Ethanol and Sugar in an aqueous solution
  Prof E Pelan
Applications accepted all year round
Water is the most important and anomalous solvent in the universe. There have been extensive studies on water performed over many decades in the literature.
  Inequality, Health Beliefs, Networks and Inference: Exploring the Links Between Social Co-ordinates and Network Structure
  Dr N Jones
Applications accepted all year round
PhD Project. Imperial College Mathematics. Student Background. Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Electrical Engineering (BioMedical knowledge not required).
  The effects of soil management practices on CAZyme expression by soil microbial communities and their influence on soil structure and crop production
  Mr S Hall
Application Deadline: 7 April 2019
Understanding links between CAZyme expression by soil microbial communities and crop management and production. The project will use metagenomics to identify microbial communities in soil and their role in carbohydrate cycling that contribute to crop nutrition and resilience of soil structure.
  Understanding the structure and function of human aquaporins: combining site-directed mutagenesis and mammalian cell culture techniques to elucidate the key residues of AQP proteins required for these processes
  Dr A Conner
Applications accepted all year round
PhD Research project. Aquaporins are an ancient family of proteins that provide a route for water to rapidly move in and out of cells in response to the changing needs of the body.
  Structure and Function Studies on Proteins from Predatory Bacteria
  Dr A Lovering
Applications accepted all year round
Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus is a small predatory bacterium able to invade and kill many different Gram-negative bacterial prey (including human, animal and crop pathogens; e.g.
  Computational Structure Prediction of Energy Materials
  Dr A Morris
Applications accepted all year round
A 3-year UK/EU PhD student-ship is available in the group of Dr Andrew J. Morris who has recently relocated to the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham.
  Chemical tools to investigate 3D promoter structure
  Research Group: MRC Human Genetics Unit
  Prof N Gilbert, Prof M Bradley
Application Deadline: 19 April 2019
This is one of several projects available on an MRC funded 4-year multi-disciplinary PhD programme in Human Genetics, Genomics and Disease at the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU), part of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh.
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