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We have 19 sussex PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD Studentship: Predictive Uncertainty in Computer Vision

PhD project. In the real world, decisions are typically made under a degree of uncertainty; we rarely have access to perfect information or complete knowledge about a problem. Read more

Doctoral Research Scholarship (4 years) – Synaesthesia as a model system to understand variability in perception, memory, and cognitive style.

Synaesthesia, a perceptual condition in otherwise healthy individuals, is linked to extraordinary experiences. The proposed research rethinks conditions like synaesthesia as not just representing extraordinary experiences, but such that the changes in the brains of synaesthetes support a distinct cognitive profile. Read more

EPSRC Science and Engineering studentships available at the University of Sussex

The University of Sussex invites applications for EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Studentship awards within and across the following disciplines. Read more

PhD studentship on the Construction of the first error corrected quantum computer in the UK

A consortium led by. Universal Quantum. , a University of Sussex spin-out company, has been awarded a £7.5m grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to build a scalable quantum computer that can correct its own errors and apply this technology to high-impact problems in the aerospace industry. Read more

PhD Studentship in Cavity-QED with multi-species ion crystals

The ICTM-group was established in 2012 at the University of Sussex by Matthias Keller with the intention to investigate and employ the interaction of ions and light and ions with atoms and molecules. Read more

Face off – Dissecting the role of phase separation in viral replication and antiviral responses

Background. The assembly of membraneless organelles is emerging as a fundamental paradigm for many cellular functions. Among these, stress granules (SGs) play a central role in health and disease by concentrating proteins and RNAs, driving adaption to stressful conditions, including viral infection. Read more

PhD studentship on the Developing and Operating a Trapped Ion Quantum computer Prototype

We recently invented a method where quantum gates with trapped ions are executed by the application of voltages to a microchip in the presence of a few global radiation fields analogous to the operation of transistors in a classical computer. Read more

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria: From water source to lung

An exciting collaborative research project between the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Department of Global Health and Infection at the University of Sussex, UK. Read more

PhD Studentship in Mathematics on Limit theorems for random convex hulls

Convex hulls are employed as tractable yet reasonably accurate approximation for sets of more complicated structure. Selecting the sets at random, for example taking a finite number of points in space according to some probability distribution, produces a random convex hull. Read more

Targeting the control of antimicrobial efflux in Mycobacterium tuberculosis to combat MDR-TB

We need more drugs for tuberculosis (TB), particularly multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB. TB treatment length (currently up to 24 months) needs to be shortened by using more effective drug combinations. Read more

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