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We have 19 textiles PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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textiles PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 19 textiles PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Natural Polymer Textiles & Fibres for Sustainable Fashion Sector PhD

This project aims to manufacture sustainable textiles from renewable/natural polymers such as cellulose, chitin, alginate, chitosan which derived from most abundant natural resources like agricultural biomass and sea food waste (crab shell, shrimp shells etc.). Read more

The Language of Textiles

This project aims to explore the relationship between textiles and the language that originates from textiles and permeates into wider usage, as well as the way that wider language affects different areas of textiles. Read more

Integrating Intelligence: Smart Textiles for Retrofitting and Monitoring Cultural Heritage Buildings

3 Year self funded project. The doctoral project will complete the activities of a European Union project focused on advancing hybrid structural retrofit solutions based on smart textiles with customized structural health monitoring for masonry cultural heritage building envelopes. Read more

Super-Smart Textiles: A Self-Powered Wearable Technology for Remote Health Monitoring (Ref: UF-ID-2024)

According to the World Health Organisation, over 1 billion of the global population suffer from disabilities. However, access to rehabilitation care has been a global issue due to lack of resources including infrastructure and trained professionals. Read more

Reactive inkjet and textiles

The global market for printed textiles is in the region of $200 billion with inkjet printing playing a significant role. The PhD will investigate the various reactive inkjet mechanisms used in printed textiles, identifying research opportunities and investigating issues involved in expanding the role inkjet can play. Read more

Sustainable Recycled Textiles for Engineering Applications

Worldwide demand for the apparel industry keeps growing while triggering an environmental impact on human health. The textile industry accounts for around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Electrochemically switchable materials down to the single molecule level

This project will study the electrochemical properties of materials down to the single molecule level and it will investigate how electrochemical (redox state) switching of the molecules can change useful materials properties. Read more

Harnessing waste-heat from challenging environments with flexible electronics, sponsored by BAE Systems

Supervisory Team. Dr Katrina Morgan, Dr Ioannis Zeimpekis, Prof Nick Harris, Prof Steve Beeby. Project description. This PhD is a sought after industrial Cooperative Award in Science and Techology (iCASE), with sponsorship from BAE Systems Ltd. Read more

PhD in Art, Design and Media

The School of Art and Media at the University of Brighton welcomes students for PhD research study in multiple areas across contemporary fine art, visual communication, screen and media studies, digital media arts and sound, photography, fashion, textiles, design and craft. Read more

Research degrees in the School of Design

Our PhD course will allow you to become an expert in a specialist area and gain high-quality research training in Design. Your PhD can be taken full-time (three years standard, four years maximum) or part-time (five years standard, seven years maximum). Read more

Color Science Ph.D.

Color has been an intense topic of interest for thousands of years. Mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, physiologists, poets, and other disciplines have all contributed to our understanding of color. Read more

Investigation into Radiation Effects on Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Used in Nuclear Industry

The rapid technological development, while transformative for our lives, has also led to numerous environmental problems. A case in point is a widespread use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in everyday products like cookware, electronics and textiles. Read more

Circular Chains in the Fashion Industry PhD

Within clothes manufacturing, the transition to circularity requires changing business practices and the ability to understand and reconfigure business models, operating systems, supply chains, and market structures. Read more

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