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We have 160 thermal engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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thermal engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 160 thermal engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

PhD studentships in Engineering

We offer PhDs in Engineering (MPhil/PhD) across seven research themes. Communication & Information Engineering; Computational Engineering; Data-Centric Engineering; Design & Mechatronics; Energy & Power Systems; Manufacturing, Materials & Systems; and Signals & Control. Read more

Exploring the Interplay of Computational Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, and Thermal Analysis in Engineering Systems

Our research group in school of Engineering Technology and Design (ETD) at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) focuses on cutting edge projects at intersection of computational mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal analysis and fluid-structure interaction (FSI). Read more

Holistic understanding of optimal lithium-ion battery fast charging

Lithium-ion batteries are the technology of choice for electric vehicles and other battery powered applications, with the ability to fast charge becoming increasingly important. Read more

Engaging, informative and innovative! Researching in a future-oriented environment in UNNC

At the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), we offer excellent learning and research infrastructure. We are proud of our superb faculty made up of world renowned educators and researchers. Read more

Hybrid Technologies for Battery Thermal Management Using Smart Materials

Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) with many advantages such as high specific energy, long cycle life, wide range of operating temperature, and low self-discharge rates. Read more

Sustainable Heating and Cooling Technologies

The project. The Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies (STET) research group in the School of Engineering has a PhD scholarship opportunity in the area of thermal energy. Read more

Experimental Investigation of Singular Two-phase Pressure Losses Relevant to Nuclear System Thermal-hydraulic Applications

A fully funded 4-year EPSRC ICASE PhD Studentship, co-sponsored by Westinghouse, is available in the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University to design and perform experiments at the THOR loop to measure two-phase pressure drop across selected simple geometrical singularities within a relevant range of conditions. Read more
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Biomedical Engineering: Fully Funded EPSRC iCASE and Airbus Operations Ltd PhD Scholarship: Digital Image Correlation for Mechanical Testing at Cryogenic Temperature

Funding providers: EPSRC iCASE and Airbus Operations Limited  . Subject areas: Experimental Mechanics, Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Materials, Cryogenics, Hydrogen. Read more

Innovations in Waste Energy Minimisation from Maritime Engineering Power and Propulsion Systems

Supervisory Team.   Prof Alan J Murphy & Prof Dominic Hudson. Project description. Although maritime transport is one of the most energy efficient, the cumulative carbon footprint from global shipping is equivalent a large industrialised nation (~3% of global total). Read more

Engineering Mineral Layers for Decommissionable Concrete

Nuclear sites contain large volumes of radioactively contaminated concrete. Prior to decommissioning, these concrete structures must be surface decontaminated to minimise the requirement for waste disposal. Read more

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