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We have 90 time series PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Advancing Non-reversibility in Bayesian Networks for Time Series Prediction [Self-Funded Students Only]

  Research Group: Visual Computing
About the Project. Bayesian Sampling has been very well studied in the literature for investigating various complex time series and regression analysis problems up to date. Read more

Quantifying Uncertainty in Nonlinear Time Series Modelling: When Trans-dimensional Sampling meets Optimal Transport (Td-OT) [Self-Funded Students Only]

About the Project. The epistemic uncertainty caused by variable dimensionality and model structures is a widespread problem in various signal processing applications such as nonlinear time series modelling, system identification, communication system channel modelling. Read more

Model of Energy Demand and Carbon Reduction for Control of Energy Storage

The techniques of Control Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Data Analysis have been applied to engineering systems with great success, and the resulting is better energy efficiency using storage. Read more

Risky asset models with dependence and heavy-tailed distributions

It is now generally accepted that heavy-tailed distributions occur commonly in practice. Their use is now widespread in communication network, risky asset and insurance modelling. Read more

Eclipse mapping exoplanet atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope

PhD in Exoplanet Atmosphere research using the James Webb Space Telescope. Description. This is a truly exciting opportunity to do ground-breaking exoplanet research using one of the world’s newest astrophysical instruments. Read more

PhD opportunities in Intelligent Digital Economy and Society

Learn about industrial issues in need of innovative thinking, and propose industry focussed solutions routed in excellent cutting-edge research. Read more

International Trade and Development

Applications are invited for a self-funded, 3 year full-time or 6 year part-time PhD project. The PhD will be based in the Economics and Finance subject group and will be supervised by. Read more

Scalable continuous Machine Learning for non-Stationary Systems

Nonlinear time series prediction attracts researchers from many different disciplines such as engineering systems condition monitoring and control, financial markets prediction and energy management, etc. Read more

PhD study in the Department of Economics

We are seeking talented and enthusiastic students to join the. PhD programme in Economics. at the University of Sheffield from September 2022. Read more

Fractional order modelling of neurons

Project Overview. Fractional order calculus (integro-differential equations that are of non-integral order) is an emerging methodology with wide applications across all areas of Physics and Engineering. Read more

Improved time-stepping schemes in weather and climate models

"The task of predicting weather and climate may be reduced to the following iterative procedure. First, given the state of the system at any time (the input), use the governing equations to compute the state at a slightly later time (the output). Read more

Anomaly Detection and Disease Classification in Electrocardiogram Signals using Advanced Signal Processing and 3D Image Classification

For provision of correct medicine, treatment and correct therapy, an accurate diagnosis is required. There are situations in which time-critical decisions need to be made to provide the right treatment to avoid long term morbidity or in some cases even death. Read more

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