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  Developing a three-dimensional research model of neutrophil-mediated tissue destruction during inflammation
  Dr J Hirschfeld, Prof I L C Chapple, Dr M Grant
Applications accepted all year round
Background. The proposed research has the goal to develop a novel 3D model to measure and visualise tissue destruction mediated by migrating neutrophils in vitro.
  An investigation into Soft Tissue Biomechanics Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  Dr M Lappa
Applications accepted all year round
Aim of the present project is the modelling and numerical simulation of soft-tissue growth in rotating bioreactors and related morphological evolution.
  Tissue Engineering of Functional Cardiac Tissue using a Newly Characterised Cardiac Stem Cell Population
  Dr R Oldershaw, Dr R Barrett-Jolley, Dr A P Meeson
Applications accepted all year round
We will develop a novel route to create and test stem cell-derived engineered cardiac tissue for use in heart infarct repair or in vitro drug screening.
  Translational Cardiovascular Research, Cross-talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system in humans
  Prof C Antoniades
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
We undertake translational research by moving from bench to bedside and vice versa; our main focus is the cross-talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system.
  Statistical characterisation of brain tissue microstructure with diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
  Research Group: Brain Imaging
  Dr L Beltrachini, Prof K Murphy
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) is a medical imaging technique that allows to characterise brain structures in the microscale in vivo and non-invasively.
  Towards a Tissue Engineered Model of a Joint on a Chip
  Prof M.P. Lewis, Dr A Capel
Applications accepted all year round
This research project aims to develop a multi-tissue platform that integrates many of the structural tissue components of a musculoskeletal joint; bone, tendon, muscle, cartilage and ligament.
  PhD Scholarship in Medical Robotics - Sensing, University College London
  Dr H Wurdemann
Applications accepted all year round
In open surgery, surgeons are able to directly access soft tissue/organs and perform manual palpation to understand the texture, size, consistency and location of soft tissue areas.
  Novel protein pathways regulating adipose tissue expansion during weight gain
  Prof G Nixon, Dr J Rochford
Application Deadline: 19 April 2019
Adipose (fat) tissue expands during excessive food intake. While this is a normal physiological process to store energy, in sedentary individuals or those on a prolonged high fat diet, adipose tissue expansion can particularly occur abdominally, around several different organs.
  MASTERS BY RESEARCH PROJECT Using Zebrafish to Study Heart Disease and Tissue Regeneration
  Dr R Richardson
Applications accepted all year round
Start 23 September 2019. Our Main Interests and Skills. In vivo animal models. Live imaging and sophisticated microscopy. Inflammation.
  Linear Poisson Modelling Independent Component Analysis of DESI Mass Spectral Tissue Images
  Dr A McMahon, Dr N Thacker
Applications accepted all year round
Desorption Electrospray Ionisation - Mass Spectrometry Imaging (DESI – IMS) allows mass spectra to be acquired from an. array of.
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