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We have 124 transmission PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Remote Destruction & Sterilization of the Coronavirus by RF/Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

The proposed PhD research plan is to develop further a new methodology that can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic by remote microwave sterilization of surfaces and air particles using antenna radiation and wireless power transmission. Read more

Controlling airborne infectious disease transmission in indoor environment

Infectious disease pandemics are brutal killers in human history. The recent COVID-19 outbreak in China has killed over 2.4K people globally, and more than 78K people are infected across 28 countries (As of 22th Feb 2020). Read more

EASTBIO Understanding the impact of host sex on viral infection

  Research Group: Institute of Immunology & Infection Research
Infectious disease dynamics depend strongly on the ability of individuals to control the pathogen and to transmit it to others. Sex is known to have a large impact on pathogen control, but much less is known about the effect of host sex on disease transmission. Read more

EASTBIO - Dinoflagellate parasite strategies for success: synchronisation with host (Norway lobster) seasonality and metabolic adaptations

Hematodinium sp. is a dinoflagellate parasite that, from a host range perspective, is a generalist, infecting a variety of wild and commercially very valuable crustacean species (Davies et al., 2019; Wang et al., 2017). Parasites use different life cycle and metabolic adaptations to achieve efficient transmission. Read more

Defining the role of CRL Ub ligases in Plasmodium sexual differentiation and transmission

Ubiquitin and Nedd8 are involved in fundamental cellular processes and are essential to all eukaryotes. As such, enzymes mediating their dynamic attachment and removal from substrates present attractive targets for therapeutic intervention for both chronic and communicable diseases. Read more

Intergenerational transmission of self-harm thoughts and behaviours

We are offering an exciting 4-year PhD studentship starting in October 2022. The interdisciplinary PhD project will provide training in epidemiology, genetics, and advanced longitudinal methods. Read more

PhD in Transmission Electron Microscopy for Sustainable Catalysis

  Research Group: Nano and Functional Materials
Catalysis is a key technology for multiple industries and will play a critical role to achieve net zero ambitions. In 2020 bp set a goal of being a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and helping the world get to net zero. Read more

EASTBIO Ubiquitin dynamics during host-pathogen interaction

  Research Group: Institute of Immunology & Infection Research
Protein ubiquitination is a key regulatory process that controls many aspects of eukaryotic life. Both free living and pathogenic organisms employ ubiquitination mediated protein networks to adapt to their environment. Read more

Design and Modelling of DC/DC Converters for HVDC Interconnections

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology has been recognized as a solution for long-distance bulk-power transmission, asynchronous AC systems interconnections, interconnection of different regions requiring submarine and underground cables, and transmission of offshore wind power to shore. Read more

Wireless power transmission with magnetic resonance coupling method for implantable applications

Requirements. The candidate should have a first class or upper second class honours degree, or a master’s degree (or equivalent qualification), in Telecommunications Engineering /Microelectronics/ Electronics and Information Engineering. Read more

Game theory based secure transmission techniques for physical layer security

  Research Group: Communication Technologies
Recently, physical layer based secrecy communication has received considerable attention due to its suitability for dynamic network configurations and distributed processing techniques. Read more

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