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We have 20 transport planning PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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transport planning PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 20 transport planning PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

PhDs in Natural and Built Environment

Our research seeks to understand the impact of social, environmental, and economic changes on society, drawing on this understanding to contribute to the better design and planning of spaces and places. Read more

The effectiveness of School Street Closures: Impact evaluation

There are currently no published peer reviewed papers looking specifically at School Streets projects. I published a report collated from grey literature and interviews with local government officers (Davis, 2020) which examined the perception of displacement parking associated with School Streets. Read more

Quantifying and measuring the travel time reliability of public transport trips

Supervisory Team.   Dr Ioannis Kaparias. Project description.  Travel time in transport networks is not constant, but entails an element of variability that can be an important source of time losses. Read more

Developing the next generation of pedestrian behaviour models for revival of high streets and sustainable transport [Self-Funded Students Only]

  Research Group: Data and Knowledge Engineering
Modelling the behaviour of pedestrians in city centres is of practical importance not only for sustainable transport (reducing reliance on motor vehicles addresses issues of carbon emissions, congestion and health) but also can help inform planning for town centres in a post-COVID world. Read more

AI to the rescue of climate change, modelling air quality for cleaner urban planning

  Research Group: Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group
Research Group. Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group. Proposed supervisory team. Dr Lakshmi Babu Saheer. Dr Javad Zarrin. Read more
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Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Technology and Practices

Sustainable logistics and supply chain management addresses the urgent global challenge of achieving environmental sustainability and combating climate change. Read more

Modelling and Optimisation of Urban Evacuation Procedures

Background. Evacuation constitutes the most fundamental strategy in the response to a humanitarian disaster. Key among the factors impeding evacuation is the unique traffic patterns that arise due to the sudden surge in travel demand, which contravene nominal traveller behaviour. Read more

AI-Driven Digital Cities for Crime Modeling and Economic Analysis

AI-Driven Digital Cities for Crime Modeling and Economic Analysis. Project description. The project aims to develop a methodology for designing AI-driven digital twins of real cities. Read more

Optimizing Low-Carbon Fuels Shipping in Global Energy Supply Chains

N0MES CDT. The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Net Zero Maritime Energy solutions (N0MES) has a 4-year funded PhD place available for an exceptional researcher. Read more

Enzyme-responsive peptide hydrogels as in situ forming long-acting drug delivery implants

One of the key issues in the treatment and prevention of disease is that patients struggle to adhere to the complex dosage regimens of therapies, which often require multiple dosing at very specific times each day. Read more

Poznan University of Technology (PUT) Doctoral School

Poznan Univeristy of Technology (PUT) is one of the leading technical universities in Poland. PUT employs over 2,200 staff and educates nearly 16,500 students including 400 PhD students across 9 faculties ranging from IT to Architecture. Read more

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