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We have 35 tree PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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tree PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 35 tree PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Effects of forest diversity on aquatic-terrestrial linkages and processes

Tree species, functional and genetic diversity is known to mediate ecosystem processes and functioning of the forest ecosystems. However, forest ecosystems are connected to other ecosystems through the flow of species, energy and elements. Read more

Tree-partitioning to prevent cascading wide-area blackouts

One of the defence methods suggested in the literature against cascading failures in power systems is controlled islanding (CI) when the transmission network is split into a number of self-sustained islands to prevent the proliferation of outages. Read more

Identification of tree species based on UAV captured images

Computer Computer vision technology has been found to be an important application in remotely sensed data understanding. This research exploits high‐resolution images captured by UAV payload cameras to identify tree species. Read more

IAFRI PhD Studentship in Agriculture - Investigating the impact of biodiversity funding on tree survival in non-woodland contexts through environmental testing

Overview. This PhD will analyse the impact of the monetisation of biodiversity, such as Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), on tree planting and maintenance decisions in non-woodland contexts such as along infrastructural linear features, on brownfield sites and as part of development. Read more

Interactions between introduced tree species and native mycorrhizal fungi in the UK

Mycorrhizal symbioses are one of the most extensive and important biotic interactions in terrestrial ecosystems, typically providing plants with improved access to nutrients in exchange for carbohydrates produced via photosynthesis. Read more

Bayesian tree models with applications to Insurance ratemaking

  Research Group: School of Mathematics
We are looking for strong candidates to work on this exciting project described below!. An insurance portfolio offers protection against a specified type of risk to a collection of policyholders with various risk profiles. Read more

Understanding the impacts of woodland creation on land values in England

  Research Group: The Urban Institute
Project Aim. The project aims to enhance our understanding of what the impact is of planting trees on both the value of land in England and the cash flow of landowners. Read more
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Fast predictions of volcanic forcing and climate impacts using physics and data driven emulators

Project Description. Project aims and methods. Large volcanic eruptions injecting sulfur gases into the stratosphere are one of the most important natural drivers of climate variability at annual-decadal timescales. Read more

PhD in land-based CO2 removal strategies for climate change mitigation

Drastic and rapid emission reductions and the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) removal (CDR) technologies are essential for meeting the Paris Agreement on Climate and net-zero commitments (IPCC, 2021). Read more
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Wild fish interactions at the spatial-social interface

Supervisors. Dr David Jacoby (Lancaster Environment Centre). Dr Adam Piper (Zoological Society of London). Dr Stephen Thackeray (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology). Read more
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Predicting water stress of Amazon forest trees from space - SENSE CDT

Supervisors. Prof. David Galbraith (University of Leeds), Prof. Emanuel Gloor (University of Leeds), Dr. Amanda Lenzi (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Read more

Effect of Mechanical Strain on Water Treeing Mechanism of Dynamic Cable for Floating Offshore Wind Applications

Offshore wind energy is central to UK’s ambition of transitioning to a sustainable future electricity grid. The growth in power generation from floating wind turbines are increasingly further away from shore and utilising the floating wind turbine support structures. Read more

Testing the accuracy of evolutionary inferences from morphological phylogeny

  Research Group: Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life
Phylogenetic data are fundamental for understanding evolution. Building and analysing trees from genotypic and phenotypic data is necessary to reconstruct evolutionary relationships, diversifications, rates, and dynamics. Read more

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