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  Bioinformatics analyses of unknown metagenomics fraction
  Dr S Gweon
Applications accepted all year round
"DNA sequencing technology now allows us to investigate not only the identity of organisms that are present in complex environments like soil, but also what these tiny microbes are doing.
  The identification of micro-pollutants in waste water using structural alerts and high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry with non-targeted analysis
  Dr J Roberts, Dr M McNaughtan, Dr J MacLachlan, Dr D Watson
Application Deadline: 29 April 2019
SCEBE-19-025. The environmental problems associated with micro-pollutants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products reaching water courses from waste water effluent are well documented.
  The molecular basis of human tendon pathologies: Studying both epigenetic and global gene expression profiles
  Prof H Maddock
Application Deadline: 31 May 2019
Soft tissue disorders represent the third most common musculoskeletal condition in the UK (18 cases per 1000). These primarily affect tendons.
  Tapping into signaling interactions between nematodes and aphids
  Prof N VanDam, Dr G Kunert
Application Deadline: 24 May 2019
Background. In natural environments, plants are commonly infested by both aboveground and belowground pests. This causes interactions between shoot and root herbivores via systemic induced responses.
  Towards GC-MS: Adapting SIRIUS and CSI:FingerID for electron ionization fragmentation
  Prof S Böcker, Prof G. Pohnert, Dr A Svatos
Application Deadline: 24 May 2019
Background. Mass spectrometry (MS) is the analytical platform of choice for high-throughput screening of small molecules. MS is typically used in combination with a chromatographic separation technology; gas chromatography (GC-MS) is arguably still the best separation tool for compounds amenable to the technique.
  Probabilistic Graphical Models in Multi-Target Tracking
  Dr J Hopgood, Prof B Mulgrew, Dr Y Altmann
Application Deadline: 21 March 2020
This PhD is in the area of Statistical Signal Processing and Information Fusion, and is concerned with Joint Sensor Calibration and Hyperparameter Estimation in Multi-Target Tracking using Message Passing Algorithms.
  Regulating Shedding of Syndecan-3: A Novel Approach to Combat Bone Ageing
  Prof R van ‘t Hof, Dr K Yamamoto, Dr A Daroszewska
Applications accepted all year round
Ageing is associated with bone loss, osteoporosis and fragility fractures, which impact on health and quality of life. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying age-related bone loss are currently largely unknown.
  Understanding signalling by a novel hormone receptor in the brain
  Dr N Vasudevan, Prof P G Knight
Application Deadline: 21 April 2019
"Our laboratory is interested in how hormones, in particular oestrogen, signal and how this signal drives social behaviours in animals.
  Computational modelling of the emergence of somatosensory cortical maps
  Dr H Saal, Dr SP Wilson
Applications accepted all year round
The aim of this project is to to build a computational model of the development of cortical somatotopy in humans, focusing specifically on the representation of the hand.
  A Theoretical Investigation in Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
  Research Group: Operational Research
  Dr A Avramidis
Applications accepted all year round
The project is aimed at a primarily theoretical investigation in Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management, drawing from Applied Probability and Mathematical Statistics, and contributing to these areas.
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