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  Bioinformatic studies of mobile DNAs in vertebrates
  Prof J F Y Brookfield, Prof O Hanotte
Applications accepted all year round
44% of the human genome, and similar proportions in other vertebrate species, consists of mobile DNAs or their inactive descendants.
  Evolution of vertebrate blood vessels
  Dr T Takahashi, Dr S Herbert
Applications accepted all year round
The blood vessels are the core elements of the circulatory system of animals, and their malfunction is related to most human diseases including cancer and heart attacks.
  Interneuron Development in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord
  Dr K Lewis
Applications accepted all year round
The Lewis Lab moved to Syracuse University from Cambridge University in the UK in 2010.
  Determining the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Macro- and Micro-plastics in Soil and Their Impact on Soil Function
  Dr E Pagaling, Prof L Dawson, Dr S Devalla, Dr R Prabhu
Application Deadline: 5 April 2019
Current global production of plastics has reached over 300 million metric tons and is predicted to reach 1200 million metric tons by 2050.
  Conservation management of threatened New Zealand insects
  Dr T Murray
Applications accepted all year round
New Zealand has a global reputation for being at the forefront of threatened species conservation.
  Understanding Gene Regulatory Networks Transitions in Early Eye Development
  Research Group: MRC Human Genetics Unit
  Prof D FitzPatrick
Application Deadline: 19 April 2019
This is one of several projects available on an MRC funded 4-year multi-disciplinary PhD programme in Human Genetics, Genomics and Disease at the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU), part of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh.
  Epigenetics and Cancer: Development of Novel Tools to Determine how Aberrant V(D)J Recombination Reactions Cause Leukaemia
  Dr J Boyes
Applications accepted all year round
V(D)J recombination generates a highly diverse set of immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes to enable vertebrates to fight a vast range of infections.
  A mechanistic understanding of circadian clock-dependent regulation of the secretory pathway
  Prof K E Kadler, Dr Q-J Meng, Dr J Swift
Applications accepted all year round
The protein secretory pathway comprises a series of membranous compartments and transport vesicles that cells use to synthesise, post-translationally modify, and move proteins for delivery to the plasma membrane or for secretion to the extracellular matrix.
  Climate Change Solutions: Developmental Programming of Fish Thermal Tolerance Limits
  Dr G Galli, Dr H Shiels
Applications accepted all year round
Climate change poses a significant threat to global biodiversity. Conservation strategies are critically dependent on a thorough understanding of the effects of fluctuating environments on animal morphology, physiology and behaviour.
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