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We have 113 virtual PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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AI Enhancement for Remote Virtual Consultations in Healthcare Provision for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Supervisors. Dr Michael McCann (ATU Donegal), Dr Vicky O’Rourke (ATU Donegal), Dr Karen McGuigan (QUB). Project Summary. Healthcare provision has seen and unprecedented shift in delivery modes that has been accelerated significantly over the past 24 months due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic. Read more

Computational Modelling of Ageing Brains: Virtual Populations for In Silico Clinical Trials

Training. The University of Liverpool has set up a Doctoral Training Network in Technologies for Healthy Ageing to train the next generation of physical scientists and engineers to develop novel technologies and devices to address the challenges faced by older people and our clinical colleagues who work with them. Read more

Deep Learning based Computer Graphics for Creating Virtual Characters

This project aims at modelling human motion and body/facial shape data with deep neural network to synthesize virtual characters for computer graphics, animation and games. Read more

(NIHR) The impact of virtual wards on the health and care system

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the NHS to adopt innovative ways of working at speed. One such innovation was the introduction of virtual wards, which allow patients to get the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. Read more

The virtual body schema project: How can body schema be objectively defined and measured?

The body schema can be loosely defined as the representation of the body in space, i.e., how you know you can reach the pint at the bar but not the bottle behind it; that you can fit through the door but not the cat-flap; that you must dive to kick a ball or duck to avoid a punch. Read more

Integrating information from vision and touch in virtual reality telepresence systems

Virtual reality systems are fundamentally altering how we study human sensory perception. Similarly, to build good virtual reality systems we need a clear understanding of how the brain integrates sensory information into a robust and useful percept. Read more

PhD studentship in Artificial Intelligence for Phenotypic Virtual Screening

Environment. Imperial College London is consistently rated as one of the World’s leading universities (. Read more

A framework for museums participatory design in virtual reality assisted by AI (VP2209)

The aim of this project is to identify possible solutions to Small and Medium Museums’ (SMM) digital poverty through a collaborative participatory approach and test and implement such solutions by developing a reliable and sustainable infrastructure that supports digitalization of SMM. Read more

Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality

  Research Group: Communication Technologies
Recent developments in low cost VR displays have led to a resurgence of research into binaural 3-D audio. Whilst a good 3-D audio experience can be given using the state of the art technologies, there are still many problems to be solved. Read more

Virtual acoustic simulation for auralisation

  Research Group: Communication Technologies
Auralisation is the audio equivalent of visualisation – the accurate rendering of an acoustic environment such that the listener perceives the result as being natural or real. Read more
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Improving Human-Agent Interaction Using EEG, Virtual Reality and the Interactive Brain Hypothesis”

Applications are invited for our EPSRC funded Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) PhD studentships that will support six (6) research projects starting 1 October 2022. Read more

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