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We have 124 visual PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Visual Propaganda and the Covid-19 Crisis – A Critical Inquiry

The proposed project provides a suitable researcher with the opportunity to investigate the role that visual and political propaganda has played during the Covid-19 crisis. Read more

Lateral hypothalamus as a visual centre controlling arousal, autonomic function and reflex behaviours

In addition to supporting our conscious perception of the world around us, light and visual stimuli exert wide ranging effects on animal physiology and behaviour via hard-wired ‘reflexes’ which range from simple effects of light on sleep, alertness and neuroendocrine function to the avoidance of rapidly approaching objects. Read more

Characterising colour and visual tactile properties in 3D fashion products

Applicants are invited to apply for a fully funded PhD programme to develop novel methodology to effectively characterise the colour appearance for 3D formed fabrics as well as their visual-tactile properties to meet an ever-increasing demand for online consumer shopping. Read more

Visual Culture in Times of Political Change

The proposed project will explore the relationship and tensions in visual culture and politics/ideology in moments of intense socio-political change brought about by rebellion, protest, revolution, regime change, ideological ruptures, collapse of political systems and so forth. Read more

Visual Internet of Things: Event-based Vision meets Artificial Intelligence under the constraints of IoT devices

Internet of Things (IoT) framework has continued to evolve; initially IoT systems comprised of lots of small closed networks, but this concept has evolved to incorporate larger more connected networks, for instance smart cities with smart transport infrastructures. Read more

Visual Learning and Understanding with Multi-task and Limited Supervision

Driven by the increasing availability of large, annotated datasets and faster computational platforms, deep learning has been progressively employed for a broader spectrum of computer vision applications. Read more

Deep learning for Visual Tracking and Human Computer Interaction

This project is under the supervision of. Professor Richard Bowden. who runs the cognitive vision lab within CVSSP. He has a track record of work into various areas of computer vision which include visual tracking and the location, tracking, and understanding of humans. Read more

Community-based Participatory Research in the Arts: Practice, Innovation and Analysis

The proposed project will harness the enormous potential of community-based participatory research to identify, develop and promote innovative responses to global challenges through artistic, creative and/or visual means. Read more

Film Studies - Postgraduate Research Opportunities

We offer two postgraduate research programmes: . Film Studies PhD/MA by Research.  and our . Audio-Visual PhD. We offer promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in one of the most dynamic institutions in Britain. Read more

Understanding how individual differences in hearing impairment and age impact on audio-visual speech perception

For the one in six people who struggle to hear and thus to communicate, being able to see a talker’s face provides additional information which boosts their ability to understand speech, particularly in noisy environments where hearing aids are often not of much help. Read more

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