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web design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 52 web design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Human-Computer Interaction & Machine Learning: Low-Resource, Low-Effort Techniques for Always-Available Input

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following PhD project commencing 30 September 2024 under the supervision of Dr Adwait Sharma, Dr James Foster and Prof Jason Alexander in the Department of Computer Science. Read more

Design principles for glancing at information by visually disabled users

We wish to explore the principles for the provision of glances at information to be used by those with visual disabilities. A glance, gist or brief look is an important aspect of interaction with the world via the visual system. Read more

Large Language Models in Intelligent Robotic Systems for Environment Clean Up

Large Language Models in Intelligent Robotic Systems for Environment Clean Up. If you are interested in robotics and have strong programming and software engineering skills, this could be a project for you. Read more

Acoustical Properties of Meta-Materials

  Research Group: Centre For Sustainable Environments
Porous materials such as foams and felts are often used to reduce noise levels. However, these materials are often ineffective at low frequencies. Read more

Doctoral Studies in the Faculty of Management

The study programme Management is accredited in Czech and English language in daily or blended form. The standard duration is 4 years (5 years maximum). Read more

Dissenting Graphic Illustration in Eastern Europe

Graphic illustration may include contemporary forms of illustration such as graphic novels, zines, comics, artist books, reportage illustration, posters, and graphic journalism; it may also include older forms of graphic works such as block prints, chapbooks, and periodical illustrations. Read more

Towards a better understanding of indoor air quality in the home

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently stated that exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution was one of the greatest risks to human health, and that improving air quality was necessary to reduce the global incidence and impact of diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, and asthma. Read more

Development of improved and targeted quantification of ammonia emissions

Introduction. Ammonia (NH. 3. ) has an ever-growing influence on air pollution in the UK and worldwide with numerous considerable impacts such as the formation of secondary particles (now the dominant contribution), nitrogen deposition and eutrophication. Read more

Development of a toolkit to improve prescribing appropriateness for children with epilepsy

3 Year Funded PhD open to UK/Home applicants only. Starting September 2024. Background. Adherence to medication in children and young people (CYP) with epilepsy measured by objective assessment is estimated to be 58%(1) with non-adherence to medication closely associated with poorer seizure outcomes.(2). Read more

Exploring the Public Perception towards Artificial Intelligence: Generation Z’s ‘Narrative’

Applications are invited for a self-funded, 3 year full-time or 6-year part-time PhD project. The PhD will be based in the School of Organizations, Systems and People within the Faculty of Business and Law and will be supervised by Dr Aamir Amin, Dr Zeeshan Bhatti and Professor Mark Xu. Read more

Healable Polymer Materials

The past four decades of science have witnessed how chemists have learnt from nature, in part by trial and error as well as elegant design, to understand and master the use of weak non-covalent interactions and self-assembly processes in synthetic systems to realise complex multi-component assemblies that exhibit attractive functionalities. Read more

Agent-based cyber-physical production systems for Industry 4.0

  Research Group: Applied Computing
This project aims to develop novel methods and software tools for the implementation of highly adaptive multi-agent systems for manufacturing control, applying plug-and-produce technology to cyber-physical systems. Read more

Microsystems Engineering Ph.D.

The multidisciplinary doctorate degree in microsystems engineering builds on the fundamentals of traditional engineering and science combined with curriculum and research activities addressing the numerous technical challenges of micro- and nano-systems. Read more

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