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We have 196 Aberdeen University PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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BBSRC EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership - Call for applications for 2022

Would you like to study for a PhD as part of a supportive collaborative partnership in Scotland? Would you like to be part of a vibrant community of bioscience… Read more

Minimising the impact of epidemics on health, society and economy

Infectious diseases are responsible for more deaths in human history than all wars together. There are many examples of large epidemics in history such as the Black Death in the middle ages or the 1918 influenza pandemic. Read more

Discovering the fundaments about why neural networks are so smart

Intelligence is one of the pillars that allows some animals to live so complex lives. Scientific approaches recently proposed have been capable of simulating networked systems that reproduce similar emergent manifestations of behavior as those observed in the brain. Read more

Algebraic Methods in Musical Composition

Algebraic operations have been used as compositional tools for centuries. For example, the group theoretical operation of translation on the integers can be identified with the musical operation of transposition. Read more

Groups, subgroups and boundedness

Group theory is the mathematical study of symmetry. Algebraic groups are certain groups of matrices with entries coming from a field such as the real… Read more

Homotopy representations of p-local groups

The theory of p-local groups was introduced and developed by Broto-Levi-Oliver. These are algebraic objects that encode and generalise topological aspects that can be associated to a discrete group from a p-local point of view. Read more

Invariant geometry of groups

The project is concerned with geometric group theory and, in particular, with biinvariant metrics on groups. Depending on the applicant interests or abilities it can be more topological, geometric or algebraic. Read more

Applied Algebraic Topology in Geometry

In recent years the techniques of algebraic topology have been applied to data analysis with great success, and the resulting subject areas of Applied Algebraic Topology and Topological Data Analysis have seen rapid growth. Read more

Data Engineering in Automatic Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning (ML) is being widely used in industry such as in finance, engineering, health care, energy, chemistry, etc. Read more

Improving Automated Retinal Image Analysis Using Deep Learning

Diabetic retinopathy is a major complication affecting people with diabetes and can be detected by retinal scans. NHS Grampian uses a software (DRIA-2) to automatically such images and thus reduce the workload on practitioners. Read more

Question-driven XAI

As more and more machine learning (ML) models, particularly black-box ML models (read deep learning models), are operationally deployed, users like to understand the inner workings of these ML models. Read more

Cybersecurity in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications

The functional safety of many intelligent systems, such as autonomous robots and self-driving cars, remains largely dependent on the security and robustness of the trustworthy systems. Read more

A Hybrid Machine Learning Based Approach to Norm Recognition

This project will examine how machine learning, planning and intention recognition can be combined to both recognise and synthesise behavioural norms in complex systems. Read more

Development of antiviral peptidomimetic enzyme inhibitors against SARS-CoV-2

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that circulate and evolve among various animals. They can cause mild human illnesses such as the common cold or more serious respiratory diseases as seen in the recent outbreaks of SARS (2002), MERS (2012), and the COVID-19 pandemic (2019). Read more

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