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Chemical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Aberdeen

We have 53 Chemical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Aberdeen

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  Interactions between melatonin and endogenous opioid peptide release
  Dr H Galley, Dr H M Wilson
Application Deadline: 30 June 2019
Overview. Control of pain remains a challenge for medicine. Melatonin, known for its role in circadian regulation, also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions and has been suggested to have analgesic effects in a range of pain syndromes.
  Developing a carbazole-base biosensor for the measurement of methacrylate intermediates
  Dr H Deng, Dr L Trembleau
Application Deadline: 29 March 2019
Methacrylate (MA) is an organic compound and is produced industrially on a large scale as a precursor.[1] Over 3 million tons of MA are produced annually.
  Calibrating geothermometers: integrating field, laboratory and well data for appraising thermal maturation of organic matter - NERC
  Dr D Muirhead, Dr A Brasier
Application Deadline: 1 March 2019
Technology development and R&D within the petroleum sector has often been a result of response to demands and competition, tailored to specific needs without wider implications.
  Natural chemicals as anti-aging compounds
  Dr A Kolb
Application Deadline: 29 March 2019
Aging is a complex, multi-facetted process during which key parameters in an organism change gradually, resulting in an overall functional decline.
  Development of ex vivo tissue culture models for developing next-generation biomaterial scaffolds for acellular regenerative medicine.
  Prof I Gibson, Prof N Vargesson
Application Deadline: 29 March 2019
Bone repair and regeneration can be influenced by various guidance cues, including pharmacological cues, hypoxia environment and chemical cues released from scaffolds [1-3].
  Reconstructing past thaumarchaeotal ecology and evolution in peatland soils
  Dr C Gubry-Rangin, Dr D Mauquoy
Application Deadline: 22 February 2019
Analyses of past ecological and evolutionary adaptation processes are essential to understand present and future biodiversity processes.
  New spectacles for sustainable management of tropical agroforestry systems - linking hydrological and biogeochemical approaches to better understand water and carbon cycling
  Dr J Geris, Prof J Smith, Dr L Munoz-Villers
Application Deadline: 22 February 2019
Plant–soil-water interactions play a central role in biogeochemical (carbon) and hydrological ecosystem cycling.
  Why you aren’t always what you eat: Exploring the influence of dietary macro-nutrient composition on diet-tissue 15N-enrichment and the implications for palaeodietary reconstruction.
  Dr K Britton, Prof J Speakman
Application Deadline: 22 February 2019
The stable isotope analysis of preserved human and animal tissues is a major methodological approach employed by archaeological scientists for the reconstruction of past diets.
  Mosses, rock-weathering, and global environmental change: is the present the key to the past (and future?)
  Dr A Brasier, Dr S Woodin
Application Deadline: 22 February 2019
This exciting project links geological and ecological research to investigate the role of bryophytes in terrestrial weathering and biogeochemical cycling.
  Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) from depleted Sandstone and Carbonate/chalk reservoirs
  Dr P Jadhawar, Dr H Hamidi
Applications accepted all year round
Nearly one third of the oil is left behind in the reservoir after the primary and secondary recovery methods of oil recovery.
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