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We have 36 Acoustics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Cavitation-augmented perfusion in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Project Title. Cavitation-augmented perfusion in Peripheral Arterial Disease. Industry Partner. Mindray. Overview. Diabetes UK reported a significant (22.4%) rise in diabetes-related minor lower limb amputations in England, between 2015 and 2018. Read more

Improving Ultrasonic Imaging using Machine Learning (Enhanced Industrially Funded Stipend)

This PhD will work collaboratively between the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (CUE), based in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering (EEE) and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Dr. Read more

Lightweight Acoustic Meta-Partitions for Low-Frequency Noise Control

Supervisory Team. Dr Felix Langfeldt; Dr Jordan Cheer. Project description. Be a part of a new and exciting field emerging within Acoustical Engineering and contribute to making our world less noisy and more sustainable!. Read more

Combining laser and ultrasound based molecular delivery strategies for enhanced drug delivery

Overview. This project addresses the critical area of delivering therapeutics to the skin. If successful, the approach will have direct and positive consequences for the treatment of a range of skin diseases, but may also be viewed as a more generic means of drug delivery for treating a much wider range of disease. Read more

ERC PhD Position on Biophysics of Single-Molecule Nanopore Scanners

Job Description. Nanopore technologies are exciting emerging platforms for high-resolution biomolecule sensing and sequencing. On one hand, they enable important discoveries in fundamental biology at the single-molecule level and, on the other hand, they show great promise for applications in molecular diagnostics. Read more

Intelligent Structures for Low Noise Environments

Supervisory Team:  Dr Jordan Cheer and Prof Steve Daley. Project description. A fully funded industrial studentship is available for a student with high potential to conduct their PhD as part of the. Read more

Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence-Generated Noise using High-Fidelity CFD

Applications are invited for a 4-year UK PhD studentship for the project titled “Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence Noise using High-Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” in the group of Dr Zhong-Nan Wang at the University of Birmingham. Read more

The fabrication and application of high temperature materials using acoustic levitation

The project. The fabrication and application of high temperature materials using acoustic levitation. Glasses are used in a wide range of technological applications for example, in windows, fibre optic cables, lasers and sensors. Read more

Vibration of Structures

When a structure has many components it is difficult to predict how it will vibrate. Computer programs can model the individual components but cannot usually combine them in a realistic manner. Read more

Perception-Influenced Engineering for eMobility and Future Soundscapes

  Research Group: Acoustics Research Centre
We are on the cusp of a revolution in the transportation sector, driven by the significant progress on electric powertrains, and robotics and autonomous systems. Read more

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