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Art PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 28 Art PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Are you passionate about art and looking to take your creative skills to the next level? A PhD in Art could be the perfect opportunity for you to delve deeper into your artistic practice and contribute to the ever-evolving world of creative arts and design.

What's it like to study a PhD in Art?

Studying a PhD in Art is a unique and exciting journey that allows you to explore your artistic vision and push the boundaries of your creativity. As a PhD student, you will have the freedom to develop your own research project, focusing on a specific area of interest within the field of art.

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to engage in critical discussions with your peers and experienced academics, allowing you to gain valuable insights and perspectives. You will also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources that will support your artistic practice and research.

Entry requirements for a PhD in Art

To be eligible for a PhD in Art, you will typically need to have a relevant undergraduate and postgraduate degree in art or a related field. A strong portfolio of your artistic work will also be required to demonstrate your creative abilities and potential for research.

PhD in Art funding options

Funding for PhDs in Art may be available from various sources, including governments, universities and charities, business or industry. See our full guides to PhD funding for more information.

PhD in Art careers

A PhD in Art opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Many graduates go on to become professional artists, exhibiting their work in galleries and museums around the world. Others choose to pursue careers in academia, teaching and mentoring the next generation of artists.

With a PhD in Art, you can also explore roles in art curation, art therapy, art criticism, and art administration. The skills and knowledge you acquire during your studies, such as critical thinking, research, and creative problem-solving, are highly transferable and sought after in various industries.

Whether you aspire to be a renowned artist, an influential art educator, or a curator shaping the art world, a PhD in Art will provide you with the expertise and credibility to make a significant impact in the field of creative arts and design. So, if you're ready to take your artistic journey to new heights, consider pursuing a PhD in Art and unlock your full creative potential.

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Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

Expand your knowledge of classical languages, literature, and cultural history as you delve into our doctorate  Classical Philology. Read more

History of Classical Film Theory

PROJECT DESCRIPTION. This project, one of two companion studies, explores the epistemologies and debates that constitute classical film theory (arguably 1900 – 1970s, although part of this study is to help to clarify the periodisation of classical film theory). Read more

Resurrecting Classical Film Theory

PROJECT DESCRIPTION. This project, one of two companion studies, aims to resurrect and reinvigorate viable arguments from the classical film theory canon (arguably 1900 – 1970s, although part of this study is to help to clarify the periodisation of classical film theory). Read more

Jazz and improvised music

PROJECT DESCRIPTION. We invite proposals for doctoral research in the fields of jazz and improvised music. We employ jazz in its broadest understanding and improvisation as central to, but not the sole preserve of, its practice. Read more

Adrian Henri – Early Happenings in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s

The successful candidate will be expected to begin the studentship on 1 October 2024 over a 4-year period for full-time students, or over a 6-year period for part-time students, and will be required to spend time at both the University of Liverpool and Tate Liverpool, gaining access to resources and services across the two institutions. Read more

Addressing the Psycho-Emotional Impact of Climate Anxiety on Children and Young People through Illustration

Climate change is contributing to a worldwide increase in physical and mental health needs. There is subsequently a critical bottleneck in supply and demand for mental health services in the UK and further afield, especially for child and adolescent mental health [1]. Read more

Research Degrees at UCA

Studying a creative research degree at UCA means joining a vibrant and progressive top ten research community with a wealth of specialist resources for creative research and practice. Read more

PhD in Art, Design and Media

The School of Art and Media at the University of Brighton welcomes students for PhD research study in multiple areas across contemporary fine art, visual communication, screen and media studies, digital media arts and sound, photography, fashion, textiles, design and craft. Read more

Gendered Aesthetics in Visual Culture

This PhD invites applications for those interested in and generating new theories of aesthetics or contents analysis of contemporary and/or historic art. Read more

Gender Inequality in the Contemporary Artworld

"For every £1 fetched by a male artist’s work, one by a woman gets a mere 10p – and its value plummets further if she signs it. The creator of Recalculating Art, a shocking new radio exposé, reveals her findings" (Sieghart 2022). Read more

Culture, Media & Creative Industries PhD

Culture, Media & Creative Industries at King's carries out world-leading research across the field of culture, media and the analysis of particular creative industries. Read more

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