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We have 18 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Auckland

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Electrode surface dynamics in water electrolysis for green hydrogen production (Marsden FS funded project)

Water electrolysis is the leading process for “green” hydrogen production using electricity generated from renewable sources. This hydrogen can then be applied as a form of green energy to replace fossil fuels. Read more

Spacecraft Trajectory Optimisation

The University of Auckland is developing a research programme in low delta-v spacecraft trajectory optimisation. We are looking for a PhD candidate to continue work in this area and develop our existing algorithms. Read more

Mission Analysis

Mission analysis concerns the definition, development and preparation phases of a space project, analysing the best satellite orbits to achieve specific objectives within the space mission. Read more

Space Situational Awareness

Space debris is defined as all human-made objects including fragments that are non functional. Today, the global dimension of the problem is internationally recognised, and active control of the space debris environment has been deemed necessary to sustain safe space activities in the future. Read more

Space Optical Communications

The University of Auckland is developing a research programme in optical communications between ground and orbiting satellites. We are looking for a PhD candidate to adapt an existing optical telescope, and build optical instrumentation to demonstrate optical communications from satellites in low earth orbit. Read more

Optical Frequency Combs

Optical frequency combs provide an ultra-precise spectroscopic ruler that allows the measurement of optical frequencies with unprecedented levels of accuracy. Read more

Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Spacecraft

The University of Auckland is conducting research into electric propulsion systems for small spacecraft. We are looking for a PhD candidate to research the miniaturisation of a high-Tc superconducting magnetoplasmadynamic drive and its subsystems. Read more

Photonic simulators of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics

Photonic systems offer a highly-controllable platform for the exploration of universal wave phenomena. In this PhD project, you will experimentally and theoretically investigate the use of optical fibre resonators for simulating dynamical wave phenomena at the frontiers of quantum and mechanics and solid-state physics. Read more

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a real time, non-invasive and non-contact imaging modality for translucent and transparent tissue capable of providing morphological images at the micron scale resolution at more than 1mm depth penetration. Read more

Topological materials and coupled superfluids (theory and computation)

The rich physics of spinor quantum gases with internal coupling makes them ideal platforms for emulating fundamental physical processes and for realizing atomtronic analogs of solid-state devices. Read more

Optical tweezers

Optical tweezers use highly focused light to manipulate tiny particles. The Biophotonics laboratory in the physics department is developing optical tweezers for the manipulation of bacteria. Read more

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