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We have 37 Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Belfast






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Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Belfast

We have 37 Pharmacy PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Belfast

Enzyme-responsive peptide hydrogels as in situ forming long-acting drug delivery implants

One of the key issues in the treatment and prevention of disease is that patients struggle to adhere to the complex dosage regimens of therapies, which often require multiple dosing at very specific times each day. Read more

Selective targeting of furin for the treatment of fibrotic lung disease.

Furin, a proprotein convertase has been established as a therapeutic target across several disease areas to include chronic airways diseases and infectious disease, such as COVID-19 (reviewed in our recent publication, Douglas et al, 2023). Read more

Does one size fit all for antimicrobial delivery via nanoparticles

Antimicrobial resistant bacteria are a growing problem and new ways are needed to target bacterial infections more efficiently. One way in which bacteria can avoid therapeutics is via intracellular infection, where they hide within our own cells. Read more

Regulation of CaaX protein processing

USP17 is over-expressed in a range of primary tumours including NSCLC, breast, colorectal, cervical, ovarian and osteosarcoma and its depletion has been shown to block the growth of cells from all these cancer types, as well as the migration of a range of cancer cells (NSCLC, breast, ovarian, osteosarcoma).    . Read more

Designing and evaluating novel nanotherapeutics to enhance the effectiveness of radiotherapy in the treatment of solid cancers.

One in two cancer patients will receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment. For patients with a localised cancer diagnosis effective radiotherapy represents the best chance of a curative outcome, however, is not without risk. Read more

Peptide-based nanoparticles for brain targeted gene delivery.

Gene therapy has the potential to provide therapeutic benefit to millions of people with neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Delivery into the brain is hampered by the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which limits the efficacy of both conventional and novel therapies at the target site. Read more

Self-regulating, self-cleaning biomaterials

A major problem associated with medical devices is infection. With infection rates of approaching 100% in some devices, ways to prevent formation of bacterial biofilm on medical device surfaces are urgently required. Read more

Self-Navigating Nanocarriers for Intracellular Protein Delivery

Protein-based therapeutics have shown remarkable success in modulating extracellular targets; however, effective intracellular delivery remains a key challenge in biotherapeutics. Read more

Development of Nanomaterials for Targeting the Bacteria–Host Interface in Cystic Fibrosis Airways

The attachment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) to the airway mucus in the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis (CF) represents an important step in airway colonization and the subsequent development of lung infection. Read more

Assessing the molecular mechanisms by which Cathepsin V promotes breast cancer growth and metastasis

Targeted therapies such as tamoxifen, fulvestrant and anastrozole have exhibited significant clinical success since being introduced as treatments for Estrogen Receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer patients. Read more

Microfluidic technologies applied to respiratory diseases

Subject area. 3D Printing, lab-on-a-chip, Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Technology. In Preclinical studies, a large number of molecules and biomolecules, in a very short time, have to be evaluated in terms of efficacy and toxicity. Read more

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