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We have 26 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Belfast

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Explore your passion with a PhD from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast

Explore your passion, progress in your field, and make a meaningful impact on the world with a PhD from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen's University Belfast - one of the UK's leading Russell Group research intensive universities with a distinguished heritage and a global reputation for excellence. Read more

Law at Queen's: Postgraduate Research Opportunities

We have over 100 years of achievement in both education and research, and we offer PhD supervision across the legal field, supporting a range of approaches--from the doctrinal to the sociolegal, comparative, criminological and critical. Read more

Using administrative data to better understand the impacts of air pollution on health

This 3-year studentship is fully-funded, covering all fees and providing a stipend. This stipend will support work towards a PhD, awarded on the basis of original research presented in a written thesis. Read more

PhD Management

OVERVIEW. The management group is an energetic and enterprising research cluster that continuously strives for excellence in both its teaching and its scholarship. Read more

PhD Law

OVERVIEW. The School of Law at Queen's has a long and distinguished record of achievement in both education and research. Read more

Capturing the agronomic, economic and carbon benefits of new clover varieties into a Carbon Profit Index

Project aims. To create a Carbon-Profit Index (CPI) comprising a new agronomic assessment protocol that reduces the carbon footprint (CF) of managed grass/clover swards while protecting the economic value (EV) and sustainability of grassland farming. Read more

Characterisation and Modelling of Catalysts for Euro 7 Application

The global effort to improve air quality and the associated implementation of emission regulations have been major driving factors for the development and adoption of new after-treatment technologies for automotive vehicles. Read more

Re-engineering Scientific Software for the Future

For a long time, large parts of the scientific community have viewed the implementation of good practices in software design, development and maintenance as overheads which distract from their main goal of delivering scientific insight. Read more

Assessing Effect of Carbon Emission Reduction by Integrating Renewable Energy and Spaceborne Observation Technologies

The growth rate of atmospheric CO2 reflects the net effect of emissions and uptake resulting from anthropogenic and natural carbon sources and sinks. The anthropogenic emissions of CO2 are primarily generated by human activities, such as fossil fuel combustion for power and energy generation. Read more
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Integrated crop-ruminant livestock systems as a strategy to increase nutrient circularity and promote sustainability in the context of climate change

Using multi-species swards to reduce methane emissions in ruminants. The global agri-food sector will have to face the challenge of satisfying the food demand of 3 billion more people by 2050 in a sustainable, healthy, and equitable way. Read more

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