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We have 47 Bioengineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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X-ray Imaging and Property Characterisation of Porous Materials

Supervisory Team.   Nick Bazin, Mark Mavrogordato, Andrew Hamilton. Project description. Porous materials are widely used to perform a range of functions such as lightweight load bearing, impact protection, energy absorption and thermal or acoustic insulation. Read more

Mapping Microbial Cell Interactions on Designer Biomimetic Surfaces

Nature uses sophisticated strategies to control and eradicate microbial cells. A major scientific challenge is to translate these approaches to artificially synthesised systems. Read more

Engineering skeletal muscle using a humanoid bioreactor platform

Commercial partner: . Devanthro GmbH. , Munich, Germany. Skeletal muscle is the largest organ system in the body by mass and is necessary to generate forces for movement and locomotion. Read more

Instrumenting Surgical Tools for Intraoperative Assessment of Bone Mechanical Properties

Commercial partner: . Stryker. , Cork, Ireland. Bones are complex organs and their ability to withstand mechanical forces depends on a complex interplay of structural, architectural, and material properties. Read more

Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Engineering PhD Opportunity - High-value bioactive products from fish and mussels

Aim:  To make bioactive products (peptides) from fish processing waste, to target a range of health conditions. Processing focus: Enzymatic reaction and membrane filtration (Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis); some drying and other operations as necessary. Read more

Novel shape memory polymers for the delivery of sensor systems

The Healthcare Technologies Institute brings together leading experts from a variety of disciplines across the University of Birmingham, including chemical engineering, biomedical science, computer science, applied mathematics, chemistry and physics. Read more
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A structural model of fungal cell walls for screening of anti-fungal drugs

About this scholarship. Supervisor. Dr Evelyne Deplazes. This project aims to develop a cell-free, structural model of fungal cell walls to accelerate the development of new antifungal drugs. Read more

Project at Cranfield University: Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils through silicate weathering

One of the most promising ‘geo-engineering’ methods to mitigate climate change is to capture CO. 2. from the air and react it with silicate rocks to form carbonate rocks, so permanently sequestering the CO. Read more

Three Dimensional Wall-less Microtitre Plates

High-throughput assays allow cost-effective testing of large libraries of bio/chemical molecules for drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and industrial biotechnology. Read more

Integrating Nano-devices with Microfluidic Systems

Nanodevices enable high resolution bio-detections for digital healthcare applications. In this respect, point-of-care (POC) devices have a critical role in rapid diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases. Read more

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