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We have 62 University of Birmingham Biological & Medical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

Alternative pathways to emphysema in AATD - looking beyond neutrophil elastase

Research interests/description of main research theme. Alpha 1 antitrypsin (AAT) is the most abundant serine anti-proteinase in humans and in health and is a key component of the anti-proteinase shield which protects the lung parenchyma from damage by serine proteinases. Read more

Handling Noise in Fluorescence Microscopy via Generative Models

Fluorescence microscopy has become an invaluable tool for life science. The technique allows us to gain insights into the inner workings of the cell by highlighting individual components with fluorescent markers, which then emit light upon being excited by light of a different wavelength. Read more

Evidence based improvements to miscarriage services

In the UK, miscarriage is defined as the loss of a pregnancy before 24 weeks. Although the most common complication of pregnancy, miscarriage is often misunderstood by women, men and healthcare professionals. Read more

Developing optical ultrasound sensors for photoacoustic imaging

Summary. A funded PhD studentship is available in the University of Birmingham’s Photoacoustic Imaging Group, based in the Institute of Cardiovascular Science in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. Read more

Evaluating the impact of E-cigarettes on the innate immune response in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Research interests/description of main research theme. Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressively debilitating lung disease which is currently the fourth leading cause of death worldwide(1). Read more

Development of a novel calcium-based hydraulic sealer

Root canal therapy is necessary when the dental pulp is damaged irreversibly and has to be removed. The loss of the dental pulp creates a dead space inside the tooth which is colonized by bacteria. Read more

Investigating the utility of exercise to enhance the yield of haemopoietic stem and progenitor cells in peripheral blood

Haemopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPC’s) are donated by approximately 2000 healthy individuals for patients with a variety of blood cancers and genetic disorders in the UK every year, however; there are barriers that limit this process working optimally. Read more

Brain rhythms and natural audiovisual speech

The main goal of our research group (Neural Oscillations in Multisensory Communication Group, Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH)) is to understand the brain's information processing in human communication. Read more

Redefining the origin of life:(Photo)electrochemistry at subfreezing conditions

The origin of life remains one of the greatest and most controversial problems of science. Since 1953, when Miller and Urey performed their now-famous experiment, the scientific community has been strongly divided over whether life arose on Earth under hot-start or cold-start scenarios. Read more

Evaluating the threat of Xylella to UK trees

Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium that is endemic to central America. It is an established pathogen in the US and is a recently emerging pathogen causing devastating disease in southern Europe. Read more

Novel anti-pathogen regulatory mechanisms driven by Human Guanylate Binding Proteins

Human GBPs are a family of seven ~65kDa GTPases whose expression is upregulated by IFNg, for example during an infection. All mammalian GBPs contain a GTPase domain and a C-terminal helical region. Read more

Cognitive neuroscience of atypical attention in autism and psychosis

The perceptual saliency of distracting non-target information presents a major challenge for attention selection processes, which are required to bias selection away from distracting, non-target items. Read more

Optimising Urban Environments to Promote Active Ageing

This PhD studentship is in the area of Urban Well-being and Active Ageing. It aims to identify ways for optimising urban environments for older adults adopting approaches that can lead to physical activity promotion that are tailored, valued, sustainable and effective. Read more

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