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We have 342 Biomedical Engineering PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Bioinspired materials: strong and self-healing polymer materials

Biomaterials, for example bone and skin have a remarkable capacity to self-heal. These natural materials are hydrogels, however synthetic hydrogels cannot perform the same task as they are inherently weak and not usually self-healing. Read more

Micro-manufacturing of surface textures for enhanced electrosurgery

3 years full time 1st April 2021, 1st July 2021 or 1st October 2021. Electrosurgery is a medical procedure that uses an alternating and high frequency current (200 kHz-3.3 MHz) to either cut and/or coagulate tissues and achieve haemostasis. Read more

Acoustic Tweezers for Cancer Early Diagnosis

THIS IS A SELF FUNDED PROJECT. Medical imaging modalities are commonly used in hospital for cancer screening, but they are unable to diagnose early tumour development due to the limitation of detection size. Read more

PhD scholarship opportunities: CMOS brain machine interface

The Biomedical Microsystems Lab at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales, is a multidisciplinary team of senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students. Read more

How effective is 3D reconstructed human skin as an alternative to human skin for permeation studies?

  Research Group: Medicines Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The assessment of percutaneous absorption of molecules is a very important step in the evaluation of any transdermal drug delivery system. Read more

3D printed electronics

A 3D printer has been developed by the group that combines unprecedented three-dimensional control and material flexibility, to culminate in a new process for 2D patterning and 3D printing of polymeric, organic, semiconducting, or metallic materials into complex shapes. Read more

Investigating KAT2A as a novel therapeutic target in neuroblastoma

The Pina lab is looking for a highly-motivated, technically-able and independent-thinking candidate to undertake a PhD project researching the role of histone acetyl-transferase KAT2A in neuroblastoma. Read more

How do individual histone modifications help cells make decisions?

We are looking for a highly-motivated, independent-thinking candidate to undertake a PhD project exploring the role of individual histone modifications in nuclear organisation, regulation of transcription, and the process of stem cell fate decisions. Read more

Resilient Implantable Devices

The University of Sheffield's Biomedical Robotics Laboratory within the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering invites applications for a PhD Scholarship on Resilient Robotic Implants from talented and excellent graduates. Read more

Information processing in neuronal networks

Open position is available in the Levy lab at the Faculty of Biology, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology (. Read more

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