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The University of Manchester Biophysics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

We have 34 The University of Manchester Biophysics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 34 The University of Manchester Biophysics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

Range verification in proton beam therapy through prompt gamma-ray imaging

The beauty of proton therapy over x-ray therapy is that the majority of protons stop within the patient. The problem lies in the fact that we cannot tell, with a great degree of accuracy, exactly where they stop !. Read more

Wear and biological safety of dental titanium implants

Implant dentistry with a globally market of CHF 4.5 billion in 20181 has shown a steady increase over the last few years. Titanium implant is the most widely accepted and successfully used type of dental implant. Read more

Ambulatory monitoring of Raynaud’s phenomenon and systemic sclerosis associated microcirculation

Systemic sclerosis (SSc), a microvascular autoimmune disease, causes damage to the small blood vessels (microvasculature). Although rare it has the highest mortality of all rheumatological conditions and causes significant morbidity. Read more

Ion channel clustering in neuronal membranes

The aim of the study is to investigate the organization of ion channels in the membranes of excitable cells by scaffold proteins, and to discover how the properties of the channels are modified by these interactions. Read more

Deciphering the neural code of the hippocampus

Background. The brain processes and stores information about our lives and the world that surrounds us. At the neural scale, information is encoded through the precise timing of activity across populations of neurons. Read more

Development of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Application in Biological Imaging

Conjugated polymer nanoparticles are class-leading fluorophores for the imaging of biological samples. They are up to 10x brighter than the brightest quantum dot materials and many orders of magnitude brighter and more photostable than conventional molecular fluorophores. Read more

The chemistry and biophysics of phosphoryl transfer enzymes

One of the most remarkable features of the chemistry of living organisms is the evolutionary utilisation of phosphate esters to provide biopolymers that encode genetic information, deliver temporal protein regulation, generate and distribute free energy throughout the cell, and to provide a ubiquitous handle for metabolic intermediates. Read more

A step change in the modelling of enzymatic catalysis

A deep understanding of enzymatic processes requires an atomic-level description, which is often beyond experimental techniques but achievable through synergy with computational chemistry. Read more

Control of protein self assembly by biological ions

In addition to being an energy source in biological reactions, recent discoveries suggest adenosine triphosphate (ATP) also plays a critical role in maintaining cell stability and preventing deleterious cellular processes through modulating biomacromolecular self assembly. Read more

Low power electronics for flexible wearable devices

We are seeking a PhD student to work on low power electronics for electrocardiography sensors and long term heart monitoring. Our work will focus on highly miniaturized devices using flexible substrates, suitable for placing on animals. Read more

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