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Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students in Birmingham

We have 32 Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students in Birmingham

Safe Data-driven Control with Formal Guarantees

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened new horizons for the design and development of control and multi-agent systems. Among the others, machine learning demonstrated super-human capabilities in recent years, especially for sequential decision-making and tasks that require continuous control, video games and robotics. Read more

Topological Methods in Computer Science

The tight link between topology and computability is well-known and has been investigated extensively. Nonetheless, when the topological spaces involved do not have favorable properties (e.g, when they are not locally compact) the classical methods are not adequate for laying a computational foundation. Read more

fNIRS neuroimaging data analysis of surgical neuroergonomics

Evaluating surgical expertise and fitness is of critical importance for patient safety. Surgical neuroergonomics intends to decode how surgeons acquire, enhance and maintain their surgical skills going beyond mere behavioural measurements and taking into consideration the neurological underpinnings of the process of learning. Read more

Digital Twin for cyber secure energy management for smart buildings

Digital Twins are virtual representation of physical system that integrates two-way data and control flow between the cyber model and a physical system, where a change in one system can make changes in the other system. Read more

Disentangling functional subnetworks in the resting state with fNIRS

Understanding brain function is a complex challenge that can be better approached from an integrated perspective, combining experimental evidence from neuroscience with a robust theoretical framework provided by mathematical modelling and computer science. Read more

Manifold based modelling of fNIRS neuroimages

In order to answer the myriad of specific research questions related to the brain as observed with fNIRS, current fNIRS analysis is based on ad-hoc models, whether from statistics e.g. Read more

Intelligent Software Engineering in the Era of Large Language Model

Software systems are eating the world but Artificial intelligence (AI) is eating the software systems. Given the tremendous development of AI in recent years, innovations like the Large Language Model (LLM), e.g., ChartGPT, have significantly impacted our daily lives. Read more

Developing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for impaired speech

We are recruiting a highly motivated PhD candiate at the intersection between machine learning and healthcare. The project aims at developing an inclusive ASR model, using a voice conversion model that can transform impaired speeh into unimpaired speech. Read more

Brain-inspired See-Think-Act Intelligent Machines

There is an ongoing revolution in developing autonomous intelligence machines to greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sensory perception, decision-making, and active control. Read more

AI-Driven Digital Cities for Crime Modeling and Economic Analysis

AI-Driven Digital Cities for Crime Modeling and Economic Analysis. Project description. The project aims to develop a methodology for designing AI-driven digital twins of real cities. Read more

Autonomous multi-agent systems for constrained devices in building automation domain

Building Automation (BA) systems are increasingly using distributed sources of perception, methods of actuation, and means of computation to address dynamic nature of usage requirements of building spaces. Read more

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