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We have 98 Botany / Plant Science PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Exploiting novel haplotypes to improve disease resistance in wheat (UAUY_J22CASE)

Wheat is a major cereal crop providing 20% of global calorie and protein intake for humans. While a 50% increase in wheat yield is required by 2050, diseases reduce yields by ~25% globally and thus pose a major threat to global food security. Read more

Do shared genetic pathways control drought tolerance and senescence in wheat? (BORRILL_J22CASE)

We need to increase the production of staple crops such as wheat by 50 % by 2050 to meet the global demand for food. However, water scarcity represents a major limiting factor for crop production and poses an increasing risk to global wheat production due to climate change. Read more

Investigating the potential for re-emergence of wheat stem rust in a changing climate (SAUNDERS_J22DTP)

Wheat stem rust is a notoriously damaging disease of wheat and barley and occurs in most wheat growing areas worldwide. Today, in western Europe the stem rust pathogen, Puccinia graminis f. Read more

Understanding the mechanistic basis of crop yield reductions in warm winters (PENFIELD_J22DTP)

In the UK and Europe high yielding arable crops are sown in autumn and flower the following spring. During winter they require chilling to promote flowering and also during flower development to promote high fertility. Read more

Investigating the cellular basis of organ symmetry establishment in plants (MOUBAYIDIN_J22DTP)

During multicellular organ development, the establishment of a symmetric pattern, e.g., radial and bilateral symmetry, requires careful coordination of cells dividing and expanding within tissues. Read more

Deciphering the in vivo RNA structure code in regulating protein translation in plants (DING_J22DTP2)

Codon optimisation is a common method in synthetic biology to achieve high levels of protein expression. It relies on the creation of so-called “silent” or synonymous mutations within a coding sequence, such that the DNA/RNA sequence is altered but the resulting amino acid sequence remains unchanged. Read more

Investigating how Plants use RNA to Cope with Stress (DING_J22DTP1)

The diversity of RNA structure is wide and varied, from hairpins and bulges through to triplex and quadruplexes. These structures are able to control numerous biological functions from sensing of messenger compounds to dictating whether genes are switched on or off. Read more

Control of Cell Polarity in Plants (COEN_J22DTP)

Cell polarity is fundamental for growth and division in plants. The BASL protein is localised to one end of stomatal precursors and plays a critical role in asymmetric division and stomatal spacing. Read more

Decoding gene expression in polyploid wheat (BORRILL_J22DTP)

Many globally important crops are polyploids, for example cotton, sugar cane, potato and wheat. However, the regulation of polyploid genomes is complicated because there are multiple copies of most genes. Read more

Developing Deep Learning Models And Tools To Score Plant Cell Death And Disease Lesion Severity (BANFIELD_J22DTP1)

Plant pathogens are a major threat to global crop production, incidence of crop disease is increasing, and global climate change and agriculture expands the geographical range of pathogens threatening food supply further. Read more

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