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We have 156 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Bristol



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PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Bristol

We have 156 PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Bristol

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Understanding how disease-causing NMDA-R mutations influence synaptic development and function across brain regions

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a major global health burden. One main challenge is understanding how, despite influencing the same genes, individual mutations can cause distinct symptoms, that emerge at distinct stages of development. Read more

Understanding the molecular mechanism of a novel innate bacterial defence system and its synergy with CRISPR-Cas

Prokaryotes have evolved over billions of years alongside their viruses, the bacteriophages, or “phages”. To prevent viral infection, prokaryotes have evolved rudimentary immune mechanisms, the most widespread and well‐studied of which are the Restriction‐Modification and the CRISPR‐Cas enzymes. Read more

Re-engineering Golgi dynamics in plants – investigating the role of myosin receptors

The growing global population requires the development of novel strategies to sustainably increase food production. Organelle movement is dynamic and linked to changes in cell size, plant biomass and in response to factors which affect food production such as pathogens (Perico and Sparkes, New Phytol. Read more

MScR: Endosomal Trafficking Dysfunction in Astrocytes: A Roadmap to Alzheimer’s disease?

Previously thought of as only a support cell for neurons, astrocytes have now been shown to play an essential role in regulating synaptic activity and regulating transmitter uptake and release. Read more

Economics PhD at the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol's School of Economics is a thriving centre for teaching and research. We have an active and successful PhD programme, and over 50 research-active staff publishing in top international journals. Read more

University of Bristol Business School

The University of Bristol Business School is built on a strong tradition of scholarship and learning in business disciplines across Management, Accounting and Finance, dating back to 1955. Read more

A comparative, mixed-methods study of the delivery of case-based learning in the Bristol Medical and Veterinary Schools

Case-based learning (CBL) is a core component of Bristol University’s innovative medical and veterinary curricula. CBL is founded on the problem-based learning educational strategy introduced at McMaster University and uses the seven-step methodology developed at Maastricht University. Read more

MScR: Understanding Cell Biology Through Imaging

We study the trafficking and interaction of molecules and structures inside cells. Extracellular signals need to be processed in a correct manner for a cell to function properly. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Underwater Scene Representation

Three-dimensional (3D) reconstructions obtained from image sequences are increasingly important as a means of enhancing our understanding of underwater organisms, objects, damage, and seabed structure. Read more

Automating knowledge synthesis in biomedical literature using AI and language models

Knowledge synthesis can be a slow and cumbersome process but is an essential tool for medical and public health policy-makers. Formal systematic reviews require rigid protocols and extensive human effort from trained professionals, whereas a massive volume of research evidence emerges every year. Read more

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