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Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Bristol

We have 14 Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Bristol



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We have 14 Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Bristol

Enabling particle complex refractive index measurements in liquid dispersions for real world applications

The Bristol-National Physical Laboratory-Malvern Panalytical PhD Scholarship. In this collaborative, industry-focused, research degree you will develop and explore innovative new schemes for the optical characterisation of particles by deriving complex refractive index information. Read more

Hydrogen Ventilation in a Geological Disposal Facility

The aim of this project is to predict the behaviour of slowly-released buoyant gasses in a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) and inform the design of ventilation for such facilities. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Engineering

Fully funded four year PhD studentships commencing in September 2020 are available for exceptional graduates with a background in mathematics, engineering, computer science and the physical sciences. Read more

Fusion and Fission Graphite Analysis and Treatment

Fusion and Fission Graphite Analysis and Treatment. Graphite has been used in many nuclear energy applications such as a moderator in civil nuclear fission reactors and as plasma-facing material inside the Joint European Torus. Read more

Hydride High-Temperature Superconductors

Project. In this project, you will synthesise and study hydride superconductors at high pressures (P) at beamline I15 at Diamond Light Source and at the University of Bristol. Read more

PhD in RF-Acoustics

We have a potential PhD opportunity associated our recently awarded EPSRC project. GLIMMER. which aims to rethink radio frequency systems from the ground up by applying ideas from integrated photonics to high frequency (GHz) acoustic waves. Read more

Thermal Modelling of Spent Fuel Drying

The UK has a substantial inventory of used nuclear fuel currently held under water in storage ponds. The owner of the fuel (the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NDA) wishes to ensure the reliability of the process of drying the fuel in preparation for eventual disposal. . Read more

Simulation-led investigation and engineering of enzymes involved in abyssomicin antibiotic biosynthesis

Enzymes are remarkable biocatalysts that allow rapid, selective and efficient catalysis under mild conditions. Biotechnology exploits the outstanding rate-enhancing properties of these natural biocatalysts to manufacture high added-value products. Read more

Mechanisms of molecular recognition by the prokaryotic argonautes

The discovery of CRISPR-Cas has been one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. The programmable sequence-specific interactions between Cas enzymes, such as Cas9, and DNA have been harnessed to produce revolutionary tools for gene editing and diagnostics. Read more

Effects of transcription on genome stability

Transcription-coupled DNA repair (TCR) pathways prioritise the repair of certain lesions in "active" genes. These pathways help maintain genome integrity throughout the lifetime of multi-cellular organisms, and thus help prevent the occurrence of mutation that might cause cancer or other disorders. Read more

Structural analysis of the inter-membrane bacterial secretosome

Protein secretion is essential for life. Bacteria secrete proteins for a wide range of membrane and extracellular activities, including envelope biogenesis, pathogenicity and degradation of antibiotics. Read more

Centre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT)

Centre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT). Four-Year PhD Advanced Composites ProgrammeCentre for Doctoral Training in Composites Science, Engineering and Manufacturing (CoSEM CDT). Read more
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