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Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 872 Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Computationally driving automated functional materials discovery for net zero technologies with machine reasoning and decision-making

This project, suited to a student with a Computer Science or Mathematics background, will formally define the nature and consequences of the decisions that need to be made in the automated workflow and identify both the optimal combination of existing methods and tools to accelerate discovery and the gaps in capability that currently exist. Read more

Automated experimental functional materials discovery for net zero technologies

The discovery of materials that will drive technologies for the net zero transition, such as batteries, solar absorbers, rare-earth-free magnets for wind power and myriad other unmet needs, is a scientific and societal grand challenge that requires experimental realisation of materials in the laboratory. Read more

Biocultural Restoration of Kenyan Ecosystems

Restoration of degraded ecosystems is a predominant component of the environmental agenda. However, uncertainty on how methods of ecosystem restoration can also meet social needs still remains unclear. Read more

Hydrogen production from electrolysis of waste biomass

Established water electrolysis technologies rely on valuable high-purity water which adds significant demand pressure to worldwide resources needed for drinking water, irrigation and sanitation. Read more

The automated construction of thermodynamic models for complex mixtures

Process design requires accurate and reliable thermodynamic data for multicomponent mixtures in the system over a wide range conditions (e.g., solvents, impurity concentrations, temperatures, pressures) which are often missing, especially for new compounds. Read more

High-throughput first-principle simulations of charge transport in organic semiconductors

This project focuses on application of first-principle, fully quantum simulation methods such as Hybrid Monte-Carlo to study charge transport in a vast class of quasi-2D molecular organic semiconductors (rubrene, pentacene, and >4000 other materials). Read more

PhD Research Scholarship Opportunity in NMR analysis of illicit drugs

We’re looking for a highly-motivated PhD applicant to join our multi-disciplinary team, to work on developing a field-invariant NMR spectroscopy database for the analysis of illicit drugs. Read more

Material investigation of living biogenic hydrogels towards artificial biofilms

About the stegbauerlab. The mission of the stegbauerlab at the Biogenic Engineering Materials group at TU Bergakademie Freiberg is to transform materials and the environment by emulating the way nature builds. Read more

Natural Sciences PhD opportunities

Lancaster University – Natural Sciences PhD opportunities. Lancaster University is host to one of the longest running Natural Sciences degree programmes in the country, providing cutting edge opportunities for students to study at the interface of different scientific disciplines. Read more

Decoding the epitranscriptome in cancer

Cellular RNA is decorated with diverse chemical modifications, which participate in all aspects of RNA biology. The multitude of modifications in RNA adds a new layer to gene regulation, leading to the emerging field of epitranscriptomics. Read more

Degradable and sustainable polymers in the Environment

The influence of plastic pollution on our environment has been well documented, however, there remains a knowledge gap between relating to how new polymers and plastics might biodegrade. Read more

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