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We have 17 Climate Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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What can the paleo-record tell us about tropical peatlands?” Geography – PhD (Funded)

  Research Group: Geography
Project Description. Project Background. Tropical peatlands are the most carbon-dense ecosystems in the world and they store the equivalent of ~10 years of global fossil fuel emissions in their soils (Page et al., 2011). Read more

Understanding and improving the assessment of wind risk to Irish forests

Forests provide a multitude of ecosystem services. Furthermore, their ability to help regulate the atmosphere in terms of capturing and storing carbon means they are a key component in helping to battle climate change. Read more

Justice-oriented Energy Transitions and the Role of Smart Technologies in Emerging and Developing Countries

UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) is inviting PhD applications (including a 2-page proposal) on the topic “Justice-oriented energy transitions and the role of smart technologies in emerging and developing countries”. Read more

Developing new techniques to identify fugitive methane emissions and their sources

Methane is a major greenhouse gas and so contributes to climate change. Cranfield and Schlumberger are offering an iCASE PhD studentship, developing practical methods to monitor methane emissions from point source emissions such as oil and gas facilities. Read more
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Probabilistic Machine Learning in Climate Science

About the Project. Applications are invited for a full PhD scholarship starting Sep 2022/Jan 2023 (or as soon as possible thereafter) to undertake research in Probabilistic Machine Learning in Climate Science. Read more

UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence – Data Science & AI for Sustainable Futures

The increasing availability of large and complex data sets from diverse sources such as environmental monitoring; satellite remote sensing; climate modelling; electronic medical records; and social media and contributions from citizen science; presents an exceptional opportunity to transform our understanding of both the effects of environmental change and our planet-transforming power. Read more

PhD opportunities in Global Challenges at Brunel University London

Make an impact on the most important decisions made around the world today for a better future tomorrow. Conduct cutting-edge research at Brunel University London. Read more

Fully funded PhD Scholarships in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment

Scholarship opportunities with immediate or early 2022 start for applicants with exceptional tertiary qualifications. PhD research scholarship opportunities exist in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University for, high-quality, dedicated, well-motivated and enthusiastic students. Read more

Microbial and biogeochemical processes through the ocean-sediment continuum

  Research Group: Earth Surface Science
The interface between the ocean and subseafloor sediments is a critical boundary that influences life in the deep biosphere, the transport and transformation of organic carbon and nutrients, and the global carbon cycle. Read more

Microbial activity on glaciers and ice sheets: an integrated modelling and empirical approach.

  Research Group: Earth Surface Science
Glaciers and ice sheets are important microbe-dominated ecosystems, that are undergoing rapid changes due to climate change. Supraglacial (glacier surface) ecosystems contain organisms from all three domains of life, which drive carbon and nutrient cycling, and cause ice darkening, thus enhancing ice mass loss. Read more

Using an ice core bubble barometer to answer: “How big was the Antarctic ice sheet in the past?”

Brief summary. Bubbles of air in ice cores remember the pressure of the overlying air when they are trapped and thus could be used to monitor of the height of the ice sheet over time - but only if the processes during bubble trapping are fully understood. Read more

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