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We have 13 University of Southampton Computer Science & IT PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Reducing Carbon Emissions in Shipping: An Agent-Based Approach

Supervisory Team.   Enrico Gerding, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Dominic Hudson. Project description. This truly interdisciplinary project on carbon emission reduction combines techniques from artificial intelligence, game theory, transportation, shipping and optimisation. Read more

Data driven modelling of supply chain constraints in maritime transport

Supervisory Team.   Adam Sobey (CMEE), Markus Brede (ECS) and Amy Parkes (Industry). Project description. Recent incidents, such as the blocking of the Suez Canal or lack of workers at Chinese ports due to COVID, demonstrate the importance of maritime trade. Read more

UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Machine Intelligence for Nano-electronic Devices and Systems (MINDS)

Are you fascinated by AI? Do you want to influence the future direction of computing systems to benefit people across the globe? A prestigious *MINDS PhD from the world-renowned School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) and Zepler Institute at the University of Southampton could be the route to the opportunities you are looking for. Read more
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Experimental studies on perturbed and distorted turbulent boundary layers

Supervisory Team.   Bharathram Ganapathisubramani. Project description. Perturbation and distortion from different sources influence the development of turbulent boundary layers significantly and alter their characteristics. Read more

Predicting unknown flow physics by integrating experimental measurements into low-fidelity simulations

Supervisory Team.   Sean Symon and Bharath Ganapathisubramani. Project description. Numerical simulations of fluid flows play an important role in aerodynamic design since experimental measurements are typically limited and difficult to measure in all regions of the flow. Read more

Optimal Design of Experiments for Discrete Choice Models

Discrete choice modelling is an important tool used by practitioners and researchers in many fields such as marketing, public policy, transportation research, and revenue management. Read more

Dynamic Pricing and Learning

Main research aims. This project is on dynamic pricing and learning. statistical learning combined with price optimization. The precise content will depend on a survey of key literature and the strengths and interest of the research team. Read more

Dynamical system approaches for solving variational inequalities

Variational inequalities (VIs) are a powerful mathematical model which unifies important concepts in applied mathematics like systems of nonlinear equations, necessary optimality conditions for optimisation problems, complementarity problems, obstacle problems, or network equilibrium problems. Read more

Efficient methods for solving clustering-with-hyperplane problems

Clustering is one of the central problems in machine learning. In its classical paradigm, the clustering problem asks for partitioning a given dataset into k clusters in such a way that the distance between each point and the centroid of the corresponding cluster is minimized. Read more

Matrix Optimization in Machine Learning

Optimization has become an essential part of modern machine learning and data analytics. Linear algebra and matrix analysis play an important role in developing fast, reliable and applicable machine learning algorithms in a wide range of disciplines. Read more
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