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We have 143 Creative Arts & Design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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Creative Arts & Design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 143 Creative Arts & Design PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Creative Arts and Design immerses candidates in the blend of research and creative practice, blurring the lines between traditional academic study and artistic expression. This path offers an unparalleled opportunity for artists, designers, and creatives to delve deeply into their chosen medium, pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible and contributing significant new knowledge to their field.

Ranging from fine arts to digital design, and from performance studies to visual cultures, a PhD in Creative Arts and Design allows individuals to explore the depths of their creativity, applying rigorous research methods to develop work that resonates with contemporary societal, cultural, and technological themes.

Why complete a PhD in Creative Arts and Design?

A PhD in Creative Arts and Design is not just about mastering a specific art form; it’s an exploration of the critical role creativity plays in our lives and societies. The journey through these programmes enables candidates to engage with complex theoretical concepts and to question the boundaries and intersections between different artistic disciplines.

This exploration is often multidisciplinary, drawing upon history, philosophy, sociology, and technology to enrich the candidate’s work and impact. By critiquing and expanding upon existing artistic paradigms, these researchers not only refine their own practice but also contribute to a broader understanding of art’s potential to challenge, communicate, and inspire.

In terms of employment, completing a PhD in Creative Arts and Design positions graduates for success in a variety of career paths, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. From academia, where they can teach, mentor, and influence the next generation of creative minds, to leadership roles in the cultural sector, managing galleries, museums, or arts programmes, the possibilities are extensive.

The research and creative work produced during these studies often lead to public exhibitions, performances, and publications, enhancing the graduate's reputation and professional network. The critical thinking, project management, and communication skills honed through these programmes are highly valued in creative industries and beyond, preparing graduates to manage complex projects or to embark on entrepreneurial ventures.

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Artisan, Agency, Place: Making Local Fashion

A collaborative, practice-led doctoral research project situated in the Olympicopolis in partnership with London College of Fashion, UAL East and Creative Wick, Creative Zoning, East London. Read more

Biodesigning the future of scent experience using microbial organisms

Based at Central Saint Martins, UAL, in collaboration with Haeckels. Project overview. Working with microbial organisms such as bacterial, algae, fungi and yeasts, this project aims to explore how scents of the future can be produced, designed and experienced. Read more

Community-centred heritage and language revitalisation powered by creative technologies and immersive storytelling.

This PhD will explore how creative technologies and immersive storytelling can support the revitalisation of the endangered heritage, languages, and identities of minority groups, as well as opportunities for social integration across marginalised communities. Read more

Funded Studentship for Applicants with a Link to Cumbria (KEN24/MPEE/HOWATSON)

This opportunity is only available to students classed as UK students. International students are not eligible. Northumbria University is delighted to offer fully-funded three year studentships specific to applicants who have a link to Cumbria. Read more

Natural Polymer Textiles & Fibres for Sustainable Fashion Sector PhD

This project aims to manufacture sustainable textiles from renewable/natural polymers such as cellulose, chitin, alginate, chitosan which derived from most abundant natural resources like agricultural biomass and sea food waste (crab shell, shrimp shells etc.). Read more

Emotional response to immersive audio in live music performance

This project is a collaboration between University of York and L-Acoustics as part of CoStar LiveLab. It will address the challenges of understanding the impact of different listening environments, contexts and technical setups and sound formats on listeners. Read more

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