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University of Reading, Department of Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 15 University of Reading, Department of Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 15 University of Reading, Department of Computer Science PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Identification of tree species based on UAV captured images

Computer Computer vision technology has been found to be an important application in remotely sensed data understanding. This research exploits high‐resolution images captured by UAV payload cameras to identify tree species. Read more

Next Generation of Low Power Wireless Communication for Internet of Things

Internet of Things greatly extends coverage area that human being is able to perceive, access, and even control. By connecting various “Things” to the Internet, the physical world is possible to be measured and managed as needed. Read more

Intrusion Detection for industrial Internet of Things

With the development of the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), an increasing number of industrial control systems (ICSs) are connected to the Internet and in danger of being attacked. Read more

Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Safety and Security

Industrial cyber-physical systems (iCPS) may suffer security risk from cyber space and safety risk from physical space. iCPS develop strategies based on safety and security (S&S) requirements to reduce risks from cyber and physical spaces. Read more

Zero-Shot Learning for 3D Point Cloud Segmentation

Zero-shot learning is the task of learning new classes that are not seen during training. It has received a lot of attention in recent years particularly in deep neural networks (DNNs) based 2D image classification. Read more

Vehicle Re-Identification Using Self-Supervised Vision Transformers

Vehicle re-identification (Re-ID) is one of the primary components of an automated visual surveillance system. It aims to automatically identify/search vehicles in a multi-camera network usually having non- overlapping field-of-views. Read more

Crop Type Classification Using Optical Remote Sensing

Crop type mapping at the field level is necessary for a variety of applications in agricultural monitoring and food security. In this thesis, the goal is to develop a suitable deep neural network architecture that could detect different crop types in remote sensing images. Read more

Functional Programs as Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are widely used as a calculation tool in scientific modelling, business and finance. A spreadsheet application is a standard part of any office productivity suite. Read more

Automated Verification of WebAssembly Programs

The new language WebAssembly is gaining popularity as a compilation target for Web applications. Unlike many modern languages, it has been carefully specified using a reference implementation in Standard ML. Read more

Deriving mental and emotional states from movement co-ordination patterns

A number of commercial software exists that allow deriving emotions of users based on their facial expressions (e.g. a smiley face is typically interpreted as a happy state, whereas a frowning face is often seen as representing angry or sad state). Read more

Drift detection in graph streams

Graphs have become a useful tool for representing information in many application domains. Social, computer, sensor and transport networks, molecular structures and business processes, all can be represented as attributed graphs. Read more
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