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We have 33 Dynamics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK)






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Dynamics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK)

We have 33 Dynamics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for European Students (exc UK)

Earth’s small-scale structure – Massive datasets and machine learning

The interior of the Earth holds the record of the evolution of the planet and the imprint of ongoing processes. Lithospheric material is transported into the deep interior through subduction and then distributed throughout the mantle by convection. Read more

Fluid Dynamics: Gravity Currents Driven by Ambient Flow

Applications are invited for a funded PhD position at the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull. In this position, you will be an active member of the Hull-based Fluid Dynamics Group, as well as the Leeds based Turbidites Research Group. Read more
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Modelling and adaptive robust control of an unmanned electric Underactuated bicycle

In response to the imperative to achieve net-zero emissions and effectively combat environmental concerns, there is a growing consensus on the need to prioritize ebicycles over conventional automobiles. Read more

Simulation and Control of Isolated and Tandem Rotor Configurations

The project. This PhD project is a part of a larger EU-funded multi-institutional project entitled ‘eVTOL Multi-Fidelity Hybrid Design and Optimization for Low Noise and High Aerodynamic Performance’ (eVTOLUTION). Read more

Numerical Investigation of Liquid Metal Magneto-Coriolis-Centrifugal Convection

Applications are invited for a PhD position in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics within the project MAGNADO - The Magnetohydrodynamics of Liquid Metal Tornadoes (selected for funding by the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) and funded through the UKRI 'Horizon Europe guarantee') at the Research Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems (FCS) at Coventry University. Read more

High-Order Continuation Methods for Trajectory Design and Maintenance in Restricted Three-Body Problems

A fully funded PhD opportunity to join the Space Trajectory Analysis Group of the Surrey Space Centre and pioneer innovative trajectory design techniques for calculating periodic and quasi-periodic orbits in chaotic Astrodynamics problems. Read more

OP2457 Exploring ocean mechanisms driving melting of Antarctica’s ice shelves in a warming world

Global sea-level rise is one of the most severe impacts of climate change which threatens large coastal cities and ecosystems. Sea-level rise originates from several sources, including melting of glaciers and ice sheets. Read more

Adaptive and smart materials for operational variability and life extension [SMART MATTER]

Summary. This project will investigate the capabilities of adaptive structures that change their shape and geometry to accommodate operational loading and life extension to support sustainable infrastructure and circular economy. Read more

ACS-99-OPEN - Machine tool dynamics-based digital twins for real-time monitoring of cutting tool conditions in smart manufacturing

Background. Smart manufacturing, a broad category of manufacturing that employs digital information, flexible skilled workforce training, and computer-integrated systems, has become the primary pathway for transforming and upgrading manufacturing industry in the coming decades. Read more

Human machine interaction - a bionic limb prostheses

Restoring function in lower limb amputees is currently restricted by limitations in prosthetics designs. The NHS restriction on ‘microprocessor-controlled [prosthetic] knees’ was lifted in 2018, but response of these devices being slower than passive designs remains a limitation. Read more

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