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We have 102 Ecology & Conservation PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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ABOUT THE PROJECT. The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE) is offering a research scholarship to a highly motivated PhD candidate to work within a research group addressing how plants stay productive on P-impoverished soils. Read more

Soundscape Digital Placemaking

An opportunity to apply for a full-time PhD in the Faculty of the Environment and Technology, UWE Bristol. The studentship will be funded or part-funded by the Faculty of Environment and Technology. Read more

Research opportunities in the Department of Politics

The Department of Politics is at the heart of current thinking, research and debate, and home to a prestigious, lively and international community. Read more

Research opportunities in the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC)

The. Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC). is an innovative new research hub guided by principles of social justice, fairness and environmental sustainability. Read more

Epigenetic mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of adaptive responses

We now live in a world of rapidly changing environmental conditions where species will need to adapt or perish. While populations may evolve in response to environmental change, more rapid responses may happen through processes like phenotypic plasticity. Read more

Understanding Life in the Freezer: locomotor performance as the key to understanding the possible influences of climate change in high Arctic species

Scientific research has focused on the Arctic recently as this region is at high risk from the effects of climate change. Animal energy budgets are linked to species survival and are composed of various factors including the cost of locomotion. Read more

Genomics of inbreeding in Seychelles warblers

In just 50 years the global Seychelles warbler population has recovered from <30 birds on a single island, Cousin, to a population of several thousand on multiple islands thanks to a combination of habitat restoration and translocation. Read more

Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society and School of Public Health, Imperial College London

We welcome applications for a funded 4-year PhD studentship to start in January 2022. This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated and ambitious student with a strong analytical background to conduct cutting-edge and high-impact interdisciplinary research on the health risks and impacts of wildfires. Read more

Models for the circulation of zoonotic viruses in bats

Bats are hosts to some of the deadliest zoonotic viruses that have emerged in the last 50 years. Yet little is known about the factors that allow those viruses to persist and circulate in bat populations without making them sick, or about the ecological drivers underlying spatiotemporal variations in spillover risk. Read more

Evolution of transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils

Tasmanian devils are marsupial carnivores endemic to the Australian island of Tasmania. This species is affected by two transmissible cancers, known as devil facial tumour 1 (DFT1) and devil facial tumour 2 (DFT2). Read more

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