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We have 98 Ecology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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What can the paleo-record tell us about tropical peatlands?” Geography – PhD (Funded)

  Research Group: Geography
Project Description. Project Background. Tropical peatlands are the most carbon-dense ecosystems in the world and they store the equivalent of ~10 years of global fossil fuel emissions in their soils (Page et al., 2011). Read more

PhD studentship: Human and livestock influence on tick populations and the environmental hazards of Tick-Borne Pathogens

Reference: 03-06-22. Salary. UKRI-level stipend. Closing date. 17 July 2022. This is an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join a multidisciplinary team of researchers in a dynamic and diverse research environment. Read more

Experimental approaches to the evolution of anisogamy in a single celled alga

  Research Group: Centre for Evolutionary Biology
We are looking for a talented student to conduct their PhD on the evolutionary biology of anisogamy. Anisogamy is the difference in size between male and female gametes and is the driver of sexual selection and the evolution of the sexes. Read more

Are macrophages the heroes or villains of infection control?

The field of host pathogen interactions has never been more important. From the recent Covid19 pandemic to the causes of cancer and neurodegenerative disease host pathogen interactions underpin the pathology of many important diseases. Read more

Thinking Nature Thinking

The project is located at the intersection of philosophy and poetics, between the conceptual labor of exploring and the poetic labor of inventing the idea of nature. Read more

The use of exposure models to determine pharmaceutical usage data from measured environmental concentrations

In recent years occurrence of antibiotics in aquatic systems has attracted significant attention, particularly in rivers which receive sewage treatment effluent where they have been found to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms, albeit in trace amounts. Read more

Geological Fate and Impact of Isosaccharinic acid (Geo-FISA)

About the Project. The nuclear fuel cycle has generated higher-level radioactive wastes that will be disposed of in a deep geological facility (GDF) that will provide multiple barriers to the migration of radionuclides to the surface over prolonged timescales (tens of thousands of years). Read more
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PhD fellowship in Arctic plant diversity and pollination networks

We are offering a PhD fellowship focusing on plant diversity and plant-pollinator interactions in Greenland. This is part of the research project ‘Greenland Plant Diversity Patterns and Pollination Networks in a Changing Arctic’ funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Read more

Self-funded research project: Quality-distance trade-offs in resource-sharing networks of wood ants

Self-funded MSc by Research. Quality-distance trade-offs in resource-sharing networks of wood ants. Background. Many animals collect resources and defend them from others; peaceful sharing of resources between groups is very rare. Read more
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Evaluating hedging plants for resistance against Armillaria root rot disease using physiological markers and molecular quantification (qPCR)

Project Overview. This joint project between University of Reading, Bartlett Tree Experts and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) will develop new knowledge on the fungal plant pathogen, Armillaria mellea, to help gardeners and landscapers manage and anticipate disease outbreaks. Read more

Understanding the role of livestock management on invertebrate communities of wet pastures

The supervisory team comprises. Glyn Barrett (School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading), Robin Buxton (Patsy Wood Trust) and Ben Woodcock (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology). Read more

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