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Economic Geography PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 8 Economic Geography PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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We have 8 Economic Geography PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Economic Geography

Economic Geography is subdiscipline of Human Geography that focuses on the spatial aspects of economic activity. It examines how livelihood systems vary by area, and the physical, cultural, technological, and political factors that determine the distribution of economic activities.

You may research the economic challenges faced by people, businesses and governments in various locations. By understanding paths to economic development that can be implemented in specific places, your research may have concrete implications for economic policy.

By the end of your PhD, you’ll produce an extended dissertation that should make substantial contribution to the field.

What’s it like to study a PhD in Economic Geography?

You’ll be assigned a supervisor with expertise in the field, and work towards a final dissertation of approximately 80,000 words.

You may employ a number of research methods during your research, including the collection and analysis of qualitative, quantitative and spatial data.

Possible research areas include:

  • Economic globalisation
  • The impact of foreign investment on host economies
  • The impact of climate change on local economies
  • The integration of multinational companies within host cultures
  • Uneven economic development
  • Economic variation in urban and rural areas

There are only a small number of advertised PhDs in Economic Geography, so most candidates will propose their own project. This means you’ll determine your research objectives and the parameters of your project independently.

PhD in Economic Geography entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement for PhD projects in Geography is usually a 2:1 Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline, though a Masters degree is occasionally required. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, so it’s likely that a postgraduate qualification will be an advantage, even if it is not required.

PhD in Economic Geography funding

Economic Geography PhDs are funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which offers fully funded studentships which covering tuition fees, living costs, and any expense related to travel of research trips.

You’ll need to have a confirmed place at a university before applying for research council funding. If you’re applying for a predesigned project, it may have funding attached.

Research council funding is extremely competitive, meaning many students will have to ‘self-fund’ their PhD. There are numerous options for candidates taking this route, including the UK government’s doctoral loan, support from charities or trusts, and part-time employment.

PhD in Economic Geography Careers

By the end of your PhD, you’ll have all the skills necessary to continue a career in research, such as academic writing, conference presentation and abstract reasoning. However, many graduates go on to pursue non-academic career paths in sectors such as public administration, financial services, international aid and development, and many more.

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The Spatial Dynamics of Creative Work

We expect candidates to develop a research proposal based around the following topic: . Creative industries such as music, film and new media have long clustered activities and infrastructure in a handful of established large urban centres. Read more

Vulnerability of low-lying coastal transportation networks to natural hazards

We expect candidates to develop a proposal based around the following topic. Transportation networks such as roads and railways are fundamental to societal functioning, but are especially vulnerable to disruption and fragmentation by natural hazards. Read more

The role of nation state in reconfiguring global production networks: state-led projects, scalar politics and grassroots agency (RDF23/GES/FU)

The classical North-South spillover thesis no longer can account for the development dynamics across the globe, whereby the new millennium has witnessed the increasing rise of Neo-Techno-Nationalism (NTN) which is characterized by the nation state’s nationalistic ambitions to boost indigenous capabilities and to nurture leading position in key sectors. Read more

Exploring the incentivisation and biodiversity returns of treescapes using agent based models

This interdisciplinary project will use cutting-edge modelling techniques to design effective conservation policy by understanding the socio-environmental feedbacks between human decision makers and natural populations. Read more

PhD study in the Department of Economics

We are seeking talented and enthusiastic students to join the. PhD programme in Economics. at the University of Sheffield from September 2022. Read more
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