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We have 73 Education PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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Education PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 73 Education PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Education opens up a world of critical inquiry and innovation, where candidates are positioned at the nexus of research, policy, and practice. This distinguished path invites students to deeply explore the complexities of how people learn, the effectiveness of educational policies, and the impact of educational practices on diverse populations.

A PhD in Education is not merely an academic pursuit; it is a commitment to understanding and improving the educational landscapes that shape future generations. Through rigorous research methodologies and theoretical frameworks, candidates investigate pressing issues such as educational equity, curriculum development, teacher education, and the integration of technology in learning environments, contributing to the advancement of educational theories and practices.

Why complete a PhD in Education?

A PhD in Education offers unparalleled opportunities to engage in research that can significantly impact educational systems and outcomes. This journey challenges candidates to think critically about the factors that influence education at all levels, from local classrooms to global educational trends. Through these programmes, students refine their analytical and research skills, enabling them to dissect complex educational problems and to propose innovative solutions.

The collaborative research environment fosters interdisciplinary dialogue, ensuring that doctoral research is enriched by diverse perspectives and expertise. By examining the intersection of education with social, cultural, and technological issues, candidates are well-positioned to contribute to the development of more inclusive, effective, and forward-thinking educational policies and practices.

Completing a PhD in Education not only signifies a remarkable academic achievement but also opens doors to influential roles in academia, policy-making, educational consultancy, and leadership within educational institutions and NGOs. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive educational reform, lead research projects, and influence policy at local, national, and international levels.

The ability to critically assess educational practices and to innovate in response to evolving educational needs is highly valued in today's complex educational landscapes. The in-depth research undertaken during these programmes often leads to significant contributions to the academic community through publications, conferences, and collaborations, enhancing the graduate's professional profile and impact.

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Materials for the detection of minority species in optofluidic waveguides

PhD-Position (m/w/d) - Materials for the detection of minority species in optofluidic waveguides. The detection of pollutants in wastewater, fertilisers in drinking water or biomarkers in medical samples is important for people and the environment. Read more

Creating effective and sustainable breast and bra education programmes for target groups

Applications are invited for a fully-funded three year PhD to commence in October 2024. . The PhD will be based in the Faculty of Science and Health, in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, and will be supervised by Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr and Dr Mike Rayner. . Read more

PhD studentship in children’s social care and/or education and health inequalities

Award summary . 100% of home tuition fees paid and annual stipend (living expenses) currently £19,237 for 24/25. Additional funding to cover research costs and attendance at training and conferences.  . Read more

Computing PhD Opportunities

Research is an integral part of our computing/computing science and engineering subject group that sits within our Built Environment and Engineering and Computing School. Read more

How might we best support dyslexic medical students and foundation doctors in safe and effective prescribing?

Background. Foundation doctors are responsible for most of the prescribing of medicines in the acute care setting in the United Kingdom, and unsurprisingly they also have the highest prescribing error rate in comparison to more experienced prescribers. Read more

Critical, Decolonial and Neurodiversity Affirming Appproaches in Studying Communication and Disability

This project focuses on examining language, communication and disability from a critical and decolonial perspective. Specifically, the project uses an intersectionality approach in understanding the construction of disability and the impact of such construction on labelled children. Read more

PhDs in Education

Our research aims to improve policy and practice in education locally, regionally and internationally. We invite applications for research study in any of our research strengths:  . Read more

Swansea University International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarships 2024

The Swansea University International Postgraduate Research Excellence Scholarship (SUIPRES) is a competitively awarded scholarship scheme open to overseas PhD and Professional Doctorate applicants, who are eligible for the international rate of tuition fees and can demonstrate excellence in academic achievement. Read more

Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Education

About the School of Education. The School of Education is recognised as one of the very best in the UK for its research and teaching excellence, with 81% of our research deemed 'world-leading' and 'internationally excellent' by the Research Excellence Framework in 2021. Read more

Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Sociology and Social Policy

About the School of Sociology and Social Policy. In the School of Sociology and Social Policy we are passionate about research that makes a difference in society on a local, national and global level. Read more

PhD programmes in Education

Mary Immaculate College (MIC) offers a diverse suite of postgraduate programmes in Education to masters and doctoral level. Be part of an innovative and creative learning environment with student supports, graduate skills training and a range of financial supports. Read more

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