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We have 13 Electrochemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program (IEI Program)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES) is a fairly recent addition to the portfolio of Kyushu University graduate schools. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Technology Enhanced Chemical Synthesis (TECS)

Our PhD programme combines world-leading research in chemical synthesis with state-of-the-art training in technology and automation to best prepare you for a career in modern synthetic chemistry. Read more

Fully-funded PhD positions in several natural sciences & engineering disciplines

Join an internationally renowned scientific community with the Hector FellowPhD program. PhD students benefit not only from the experience of the program, but also from the network of Hector Fellows. Read more

Nanomaterials as White Light Emitters for Low Cost Lighting

  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
White-light emission (WLE) from semiconductor nanostructures is presently a research area of intense interest especially where the primary objective is to replace conventional light sources by environmentally friendly materials in order to minimize energy costs and therefore the global energy consumption for lighting. Read more

Oxidic Nanomaterials for High Density Storage in Li-ion Batteries

  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
The oxides of a number of materials are very appealing candidates as substitutes for conventional anodes in lithium-ion batteries because of their high theoretical capacity, high electric conductivity low potential of lithium ion intercalation, as well as superior electron mobilities, with one such material, SnO2 being particularly appealing. Read more

Instant-on solid oxide cells for hydrogen production and power generation

If humanity were to replace fossil fuels, it would need to find a way to store vast amounts of renewable energy cheaply for use when the sun is not shining or when the winds are still. Read more

Tuning materials from within: growing endo/exo-particles for energy conversion devices

The ability to disperse nanoparticles on the surface of materials has revolutionised surface science and catalysis, speeding up a wide range of chemical reactions of great practical importance. Read more

Nanostructured materials for energy applications and sensing.

The proposed research area concerns the fabrication and study of the behaviour of mesoporous electrodes. The main focus of the project will be to undertake the control of surface macro-morphology and nanostructure and to investigate how these properties influence surface activity and electrode performance. Read more

Electroforming 4.0

Electrochemical forming is a unique additive manufacturing method which uses electrochemical technologies to manufacture, layer-by-layer, parts of complex geometry. Read more

EPSRC and SFI CDT in Sustainable Chemistry Atoms-2-Products: An Integrated Approach Fully funded 48-month PhD studentships

The EPSRC and SFI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Sustainable Chemistry. Atoms-2-Products, would like to invite suitably qualified and highly motivated applicants to apply for 48-month PhD studentships to work in the following research area. Read more

New routes towards asymmetric carbon dioxide incorporation for organic synthesis - Reference: CM/BB-Un1/2021

In modern asymmetric synthesis, asymmetric catalysis remains the preferred route to introduce new stereogenic centres. However, there are many instances where asymmetric methodology is either inadequate or the methods are not practical, therefore alternative techniques and technologies are of extreme importance. Read more
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