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We have 57 Endocrinology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Insects as a dietary protein source in nutrition and health: Feasibility of a sustainable alternative to animal-based protein sources

Insects have been used as a source of dietary protein for many years in East-Asian and African populations and more recently the interest in this potential protein source has been growing in Western countries due to the issues outlined above and increased awareness of animal welfare issues in the food chain. Read more

RNA-therapeutic approaches for metabolic pathologies

  Research Group: Metabolism & Gene Regulation
Analysis of the proteome and transcriptome has demonstrated the existence of a far greater transcriptomic complexity than previously catalogued. Read more

Investigating the interactions between diet, obesity and cancer

  Research Group: Metabolism & Cell Growth
Cancer is a systemic disease that associates with a range of host metabolic changes such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cachexia/organ wasting syndrome, each of which alters the host systemic metabolic and nutritional environment. Read more

IRB Barcelona International PhD Fellowships Programme 2022

Are you passionate about biomedicine? Do you want to pursue a PhD, train in the first-class research environment provided by the Institute for Research… Read more

Evaluating the clinical utility of osteoarthritis pain phenotypes

The impact of osteoarthritis pain phenotypes on health outcomes and their mechanisms. About the research project. . Read more

Exploring the health benefits of greater fitness - The health benefits of greater fitness across the life course

About the research project -.,-cardiovascular-risk,-and-exercise-blood-pressure. Read more

*Eastbio*: Serum albumin glycation and its impact on Zn2+-dependent haemostasis and insulin dynamics

Zinc is an essential micronutrient in mammals, vital to virtually all physiological pathways and processes. High nanomolar concentrations of free zinc ions (Zn2+) are cytotoxic; therefore, extracellular zinc is usually well-buffered. Read more

PhD student position available in macronutrition and signaling regulated RNA metabolism

PhD student position available in macronutrition and signaling  regulated RNA metabolism. The main research focus of our laboratory is to understand the participation of RNA processing in the regulation of energy metabolism in the context of obesity and diabetes. . Read more

(BBSRC DTP) Hormonal regulation of mast cell activity

Oestrogen levels fluctuate throughout life, impacting tissue function during menses, pregnancy and menopause. Oestrogen greatly affects immune responses, often enhancing the activities of both the innate and adaptive immune system. Read more

(BBSRC DTP) Understanding the contribution of dietary extracellular vesicles to healthy human development

The ability to adapt behaviour in response to nutrient availability is important for all cells but particularly so for trophoblasts, as these cells form the placenta - the interface between mother and fetus - and act as fetal sentinels of the maternal environment. Read more

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