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We have 253 Energy Technologies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students






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Energy Technologies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

We have 253 Energy Technologies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

Durham Doctoral Teaching Fellow (DDTF) in Electrical or Electronic Engineering

Applications are invited for a DDTF in Electrical or Electronic Engineering. The fellowship aims to support the completion of a PhD degree while at the same time acquiring teaching skills that will enhance the Fellow’s career progression. Read more

Ultralightweight Optics, Photonics, and Optoelectronics for Space

Supervisory Team: Dr. Nina Vaidya . Project description: . Design and fabrication of space compatible optical and optoelectronic devices: lightweight optics and renewable energy sources like space solar arrays are one of the most crucial aspects of a successful space mission. Read more

Development and Processing of Vanadium Alloys for Nuclear Fusion

  Research Group: PROCESSING
Background. UKAEA is at the forefront of fusion energy research including development of key power plant technologies. The delivery of viable designs for the consumable, in-vessel plasma-facing components (PFCs) is key to the realisation and the delivery of electricity to the grid from nuclear fusion. Read more

Solar Energy Harvesting and Delivery using Optical Fibres

Our reliance on renewable and sustainable energy is undoubtedly becoming more prevalent, especially with the current worldwide climatic challenges and the decarbonization targets set by many countries. Read more

Effect of crystallite reorientation on the behaviour of nuclear grade graphite

As part of the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy, the UK Government is committed to delivering new and advanced nuclear power, and has stated its preference for High Temperature Gas Reactors (HTGRs) and Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) [1]. Read more

Mechatronics system for hybrid manufacturing processing - (ENG 191)

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology, The University of Nottingham. Applicants are invited to undertake a 3 year PhD program in partnership with industry to address key challenges in on-platform manufacturing engineering. Read more

Risk and sustainability dimensions of renewable energy infrastructure in the UK and Ireland in a changing climate

The transition from the primary reliance on exhaustible fossil fuel energy sources to renewable energy sources - decarbonisation of energy production - is an essential element of the government pledge to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Read more

Membrane-less Redox Flow Batteries

This project will focus on the development of membrane-less redox flow battery systems for grid-scale energy storage. We will use novel aqueous electrolytes and new types of cell chemistries as well as “bespoke” systems based on organic molecules. Read more

Hydrogen trapping and permeation in metallic and ceramic coatings for fusion powerplant applications

  Research Group: Coatings and Ceramics
Future fusion powerplants must maintain tritium inventory to ensure safe and sustainable plant operations. Structural materials in the breeder blanket and tritium extraction systems will be exposed to tritium and lithium. Read more

Enhancing mixing and reaction in porous media with viscoelastic instabilities

Many industrial processes involve the mixing and reaction of non-Newtonian fluids in complex geometrical configurations. Often in such settings, the geometric confinement or high fluid viscosities suppresses inertial turbulence, and the mixing it promotes. Read more

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