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We have 15 University of Strathclyde Energy PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Colloidal Semiconductors for Photonics

Photonics is the technology of light. materials, devices and systems that create, transport, control and detect photons in order to realise advanced functions. Read more

Nanoscale assembly methods for manufacturing of quantum photonic systems

Technological advances such as chip scale electronics, LED lighting and advanced power generation systems are often underpinned by new techniques in materials science and manufacturing. Read more

Photonic Technologies for Ultrafast Neuromorphic Information Processing

The human brain is exceptional at performing fast and efficiently, highly complex tasks such as recognising patterns or faces. Hence, neuromorphic (brain-like) computing approaches are the subject of increasing research interest for use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. Read more

Visible light photonic circuits for quantum technology applications

Quantum states of light such as single photons and entangled photon pairs play a fundamental role in many quantum technology applications, ranging from quantum imaging and metrology to quantum information processing. Read more

Development of digital twin models for offshore wind farms

WAMSS-CDT (Wind and Marine Energy Systems and Structures) is an EPSRC funded centre aiming to train ninety Engineering Doctorate (EngD) and PhD students over an eight-year period commencing in 2019. Read more

Driving power grid resilience and capacity expansion with distributed sensing and data analytics - Research Excellence Award

As the industrialised world is undergoing energy revolution, rapid, unpredictable changes in power generation patterns and increasingly volatile network loading scenarios under the free energy trading regime become ever more common, in the worst-case scenarios leading to system instability and blackouts. Read more

Valorisation of wet biomass waste for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals

Global solid waste production has seen a dramatic increase over recent years. It is recognised that the development of alternative, cleaner sources of fuels and chemicals from wet biomass waste can secure energy sources and address environmental concerns. Read more

Effects of hydrogen addition on soot formation in flames: experimental investigation by laser imaging

The health effects of fine, non-volatile particulate matter, and precursor aromatic species, generated by engines and furnaces are increasingly well known and have been the subject of considerable public interest in recent years. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering

The universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde have combined research expertise across medical and industrial ultrasonic engineering to lead the Centre of Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering (FUSE), the largest academic ultrasonic engineering unit in the world. Read more

EPSRC and NERC InDustrial CDT for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE)

A jointly awarded Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, Exeter University and Strathclyde University, offering ten places per year funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Read more
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