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Micro fibrillated protein fibre and applications

All natural fibres have a hierarchical structure consisting of micro and nano scale fibrils. The fibrils once extracted from natural fibres have excellent properties due to ultrafine dimensions and ability to be used in the form of suspensions. Read more

Bio-plastic film from cotton wastes

Cotton is the most used and economically the most important natural fibre in the world. During the ginning (cleaning) process and after textile fabrication, huge amounts of cotton motes, gin trash and textile wastes are produced. Read more

Multifunctional graphene coated natural non-woven for automotive applications

This PhD project is part of a partnership between Deakin University, Geelong, Australia and Ford Motor Company, USA. The successful applicant will spend 3 years at the Institute for Frontier Materials (ifm.deakin.edu.au), Deakin University. Read more

Towards Net Zero with Atomic In situ TEM Imaging

  Research Group: Imaging and Characterisation
Bp recently announced ambitious plans to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and help the world get to net zero. A key part of this is developing newer, more sustainable sources of energy, including producing quality fuels from waste streams and biofuels. Read more

PhD position in Computer Graphics - Predictive Rendering of Fluorescent Materials

Charles University. , Prague, Czech Republic. We are pleased to announce open PhD position for suitably qualified and highly motivated candidates in the PRIME (Predictive Rendering In Manufacture and Engineering) project. Read more

PhD in Transmission Electron Microscopy for Sustainable Catalysis

  Research Group: Nano and Functional Materials
Catalysis is a key technology for multiple industries and will play a critical role to achieve net zero ambitions. In 2020 bp set a goal of being a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and helping the world get to net zero. Read more

Nanostructured ionomer/vitrimer films of core-shell particles

  Research Group: Polymers and Composites
Synthomer is one of the world's major suppliers of latices and speciality emulsion polymers that are used to make rubber gloves (e.g., surgical gloves). Read more

Trifluoromethylation using Copper-based Reagents and Catalysts (co-funded by Syngenta)

The late-stage incorporation of fluorine into drug or agrochemical targets is highly desirable due to the unique pharmacological properties conferred by fluorine such as enhanced lipophilicity, bioavailability, and metabolic stability. Read more

Engineering microstructure through on-line laser ultrasonic imaging

Materials used in performance engineering (e.g. metals and alloys) are made up of crystals (or grains) and the size, orientation and distribution of these crystals, (microstructure) plays a significant role in determining the material characteristics. Read more


SRAS is a world beating microstructural imaging technique developed at the University of Nottingham. In this PhD project we will extend the capability of SRAS imaging to be able to measure the single crystal elasticity matrix of the materials alongside imaging the microstructure and determining the crystallographic orientation.  . Read more

Imaging deep into biological tissue with optical microscopy

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham is seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated student who enjoys working as part of a team to undertake a PhD in the Optics and Photonics Research Group. Read more

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